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If you are interested in finding others in your home area to share a ride with - give us your contact info.  We will maintain a list and make contact info available on this list or by calling  the ski center at 315-599-7377.  We will give out whatever info you want by phone or just have contact info below.  Feel free to have info removed at any time.  Make as much info available as you are comfortable with. 


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line #      home area               gender      age       time frame         name                phone #/e-mail

1             Rocheser                 male         60         anyday             Hugh                  315-555-1212

2             Osceola                   dog           13         weekends         Coco                  bark at gmail

3             Camden                   cat            14         weekdays         Whiskers            call ski ctr.  









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We will maintain this information as a service to our skiers.  Due to layout restrictions we ask for either phone or e-mail.  To add your name to our list either call or e-mail us at uxcski@gmail.com and let us know if you want info on the website or only through the ski center.  Any calls for info in or out should be during the day and not after 6PM.  If you want contact info from someone on the list let us know the line number info is needed for.  The Osceola Tug Hill Cross Country Ski Center does not do background checks on individuals before putting them on this list.  Any negative comments on persons listed will result in the removal of that name from this list.  If you are on he list and want off -  just let us know.<< New text box >>

Where to Find Us:

Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski
1486 Osceola Rd

Camden, NY 13316

Phone: +1 315 599 -7377

What's New

two 18 hole disc golf courses and pro shop June 1, 2013 through Oct 31 each year.


adding Fischer Ski Company to our product lines

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