Disc Golf courses and pro shop are closed in Osceola
Disc Golf courses and pro shop are closed in Osceola
Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski
Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski

Ski center is no longer for sale.

Ski center is now in the capable hands of Tom and Kristin Congratulation on surviving your (almost there) first season running a ski center.  As far as my run with the ski center - thank you all, it has been marvelous.




update 07/30/19

Hugh Quinn uxcski@gmail.com

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to J
Good morning:
I do not have many details yet, but Dustin Hite has purchased another property in Osceola.  He has set up as an LLC and I think the name is Osceola ski and Sport Resort LLC.  I know he is trying to be open by this season.  No information on what he will charge, what he is grooming with, or how extensive a trail system he will have.  From what I know, he has a SBA loan to build a day lodge.  He also has an agreement with the owner of the adjacent property that I was trying to buy to use that property for a period of 10 years by paying the taxes.   In the short term, this may cost me a little money, as skiers will be curious and try his system, just to see what is there.  In the longer term, this is a great development as it will insure that there will be a ski center in Osceola.  In the event that no one can come up with a way to keep this place open as a ski center, the value of our property stays high as it will now be desirable for skiers as well as snowmobilers and four wheelers.  
Nothing has changed on my end.  This will be our last year running the ski center.  As you probably know, our pre-season order for next year has been drastically reduced.  This is the best way to force our inventory levels down to a level that is easier to get  financing on.  A year ago July 1 our inventory was $195,000.  This year July 1 inventory level was $180,000.  Next year July 1, I expect the inventory level to be $95,000 to $105,000.  By doing this, we will take some of our investment back before sale.  This also reduces asking price by an equivalent amount.  I have already talked with a number of retailers in Burlington, VT about putting equipment left over  in their store on consignment if necessary.
Of the options that are available to us.  I have ruled out the possibility of me selling stocks.  I have done this a long time, and it is now time for me to play with grand kids.  If I were to sell stocks (unless all the stocks sold) I would not have the freedom that I desire.  If an individual or group was to purchase all the stocks, they could then sell stocks to individuals as a way to recoup purchase price.  If a group or an individual were to buy the business (stocks) I would be willing to do a long term lease with a purchase option to buy the property.  This could reduce the amount of money that would have to be raised initially.  If a group or individual were to buy the business, everything as far as ski inventory, groomers, tractors, mowers, log splitter, saws, tools etc. that were purchased by the ski center would go with the business.  The buildings and property would still be owned by me and leased by the business.  Possible lease could be set up as a 20 year lease where the business would be responsible for paying all property taxes, normal day to day cost or repairs and an annual rent or lease payment of $6,000.  This amount of $6,000 is the same amount that the corporation has paid me for use of the property.  As long as the taxes are paid and the lease/rent payment made in a timely matter, this would be a guaranteed lease.  What this would mean is that the business would be guaranteed use of the property and buildings regardless of who owns the property for a period of 20 years.  Business would be able to purchase property along with all other assets initially, or at any time after the original purchase so that lease/rent payments can be saved.
 I will be traveling between VT and NY off and on during the summer months.  I will be in Osceola about 60% of the time until mid September working on trails.  After mid September, I expect to be in Osceola 95% plus of the time.  This e-mail has turned out longer than I expected.  I did want you to know about the ski center opening up in Osceola though.  Again, I feel that the second ski center is a great addition.  One half of our skiers already come from out of state.  The second commercial ski center in Osceola makes it easier to choose to drive here rather than another area to go skiing.  As an example, if you are looking to buy a car, will to go to an area with one dealership or an area where there are 3-4 choices.  
Hope your summer is going well.


Sale of stocks?

With 54 questionnaires in so far, a lot of options for the future of the Osceola Tug Hill Cross Country Ski center have been suggested.  A land trust, non-profit entity, State purchasing solely or with the assistance of an outside agency or group.  The one individual who was looking at purchasing at least at the current time, seems to have taken a step back and is out of the equation.

With the backing that has been shown so far, conversations can be initiated with groups like the YMCA, Boy Scouts or existing businesses like Planet Fitness.  We can show that 50 to 70% of purchase price can be raised by a core group of skiers, kick starter programs etc.  We are a business that after the initial purchase price, revenues would more than cover operating cost.  Would your organization be interested in operating the ski center as an added benefit to your membership?

A vast majority of the returned questionnaires have responded that they would be willing to buy stocks to keep center going.  There is a fairly even split between dividends and reduced prices at the ski center.  My concern is the logistics of selling stocks.  Someone would have to maintain stock ledger, pay dividends or disburse reduced prices, 1099 form’s would have to be generated for any dividend paid.  Would they also have to be generated if reduced prices are given as that would also be value disbursed?  The $1000 per share price was for everything – business, ski inventory, grooming equipment and while I currently own all the property, that too would be deeded to the corporation and included in the stock price.  I am hesitant also in selling stock for a second and even bigger reason.  If I sell my stock and the new operators do not do a good job and the skiing is not good.  Are people going to be mad at the corporation, the new operator, or me?

Another option would be for people to buy a share at $550.  $50 of the $550 would go into a reserve fund that all three board members would have to agree on for new equipment, trail expansion etc.  At the $550 per share price I would still own the property and rent the property to the group at the same rate the corporation pays me now and that is taxes paid + $6000 per year rent.  At the $550 per share price point, all share holders would get a life time membership to the ski center.  Life time memberships would be limited to the 500 available shares.  These memberships could be sold by the owners to other individuals if they were no longer skiing.  Advantages – less risk for skiers with memberships and also for myself without the property being put at risk.  With owners getting memberships there should be no issue with having to generate 1099 forms.  Dis-advantages – Ski center would be run more like a non-profit entity and grooming would vary year to year depending on who would be staffing the ski center.  Staffing would be paid for with 25% ? of all trail fees and equipment sales being put into a payroll account.  Taxes, heat, insurance, rents, phones etc. would have to come out of operating funds.

As I have told skiers since this has started, I will guarantee that I will run the ski center through the end of next year.  I will be hiring help next year to help me.  This takes some of the burden off me and hopefully gets a feel for who would run the ski center down the road.  If this formula works out, I might stay involved for a couple more years.

Best outcome is still for an individual or group to buy the center outright.  We will not start doing any thing with the sale of stocks until next year to make an outright purchase as easy as possible.  No one has stepped forward to get the process of a land trust or non – profit started.  It makes more sense for who will be involved down the road to be familiar with these entities than for me to set up and then leave.  Still trying to get the State involved.  I will make a trip to Prospect in Vermont to see how they set up as a non – profit once we close for the season.

Thanks for your patience in this matter.  It is to important for my wife and I to be able to retire.  It is also important that the ski center stays open  Therefore we hesitate to rush into a path that does not accomplish what it needs to do.





At the end of our ski day March 2, 2019 we had a meeting of around 35 individuals to discuss what is in the future for the Osceola Tug Hill Cross Country Ski Center.  My wife and I are getting ready to retire and would love to see the ski center stay a ski center.  All present seemed to agree that the ski center should continue.   Many options to keep the ski center open were discussed.  Currently there is an individual that would like to take over.  The main problem is that due to the value of the business, property and assets, banks are hesitant to lend the amount of money needed to a seasonal business.


After consulting with lawyers and accountants this individual will decide if he wants to proceed and connect with the group about possible alternative funding sources.  The main focus of the group was to obtain the funding needed and lend to the individual at a better interest rate than the banks can or will offer.  Details on the fund raiser will be defined more as the process continues.  In the effort to get the right balance in this effort I have enclosed a quick questionnaire below so as to get a better feel for the best way to go.  During the meeting, a combination of selling existing stocks or forming something like an investment club seemed a possible solution.  Various ways to raise the monies needed include approaching other area businesses such as B & B’s, hotels, food and drink establishments.  Online fund raisers like a   go-fund me page and kick starter were also brought up.  I am not sure how this would work, but many younger computer savvy minds around that could help.


The agenda for the meeting was:

  1. Find an individual or group to buy the ski center outright
  2. Sell stocks of the corporation  and keep the corporation open in its current format.
  3. Explore switching operation format to a nonprofit status.
  4. Explore possibility of some form of government ownership of property/business.
  5. Contact colleges or universities to get involved.

All of the above are still on the table.  By filling out and returning the following questionnaire to the Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski Center at 1486 Osceola Road, Camden, New York 13316 we can get a broader opinion of where to take this process than just the thoughts of 35 individuals.





QUESTIONAIRE: available at ski center or print out and mail to us.

Are you currently a cross country skier?   Yes ____, No ____

Have you ever skied at the Osceola Tug Hill Cross Country Ski Center?  Yes ___, No ___

If existing format of the corporation remained and we have 500 shares to sell

            Would you be interested in purchasing a share at $1000?  Yes ___, No ___

            If yes would that be 1 share ____, if more than 1 share how many? _____

             Would you prefer dividend Yes ___, No ____ or reduced prices at center Y ___, N ___

If shares are sold, elected board of the corporation would determine what if any dividend (2% to 3% estimate), or other benefits would be given to stock holders.

If you would like to contribute to the continuation of the ski center, but at a lessor commitment than the purchase of a share, what would be best for you.

            A donation to group trying to raise money for a loan to new owner?  Yes ___, No ___

            Online fund raiser such as go-fund me or kick starter?  Yes ___, No ___

            Would something like a 5 year membership be of interest to help with

                        funding needed?  Yes ___, No ___

            Would you send letters, e-mails or call elected representative to try to get a government

                        entity involved in purchase of property so that a nonprofit could better afford

                        to operate the ski center?  Yes ___, No ___

            Would you contact a college or university to help get them involved?  Yes ___, No ___

            If you are already in an investment group?  Would you introduce our ski center to

                        your group?  Yes ___, No ____.  Not currently in such a group ___

            Would you be interested in approaching area businesses, alumni groups etc. about

                        helping with needed funding?  Yes ___, No ___

Do you have any thoughts about how to best keep the ski center open.  Please include your contact information with name, address, phone number and e-mail



Please send to Osceola Tug Hill XC, 1486 Osceola Road, Camden, New York 13316






Saturday MARCH 2, 2019 AT 6pm

Any and all interested parties are invited.  Meeting will be held at the ski center.


Purpose:  Determining the future of the Osceola Tug Hill Cross Country Ski Center

First and foremost – The ski center is FOR SALE

            My wife and I have built and run a very special place to a lot of people. 

Our ski center is a profitable business that we have enjoyed running for the past 39 years.  While it is still enjoyable, we both feel that we need to have the freedom to spend more time with our family.  Not limited to, but especially with the grand kids.

Our guarantee is that the ski center will operate until at least the end of the    2019 – 2020 ski season:

We will start selling next years memberships on March 1, 2019.  We have done this the last 10 years to help with summer maintenance cost of the trail system.  By continuing this practice we will be able to keep improving trails making the skiing the best we can and making the ski center more viable for the next owners.  If health or other circumstances make opening the ski center for the 2019 - 2020 season impossible, all membership monies will be refunded.

At the completion of the 2019 – 2020 season ( without new ownership ) we will make a decision to run for another year or to close.  The closing of the ski center is not the option that we or anyone else wants.  If we do decide to close the ski center the property would be sold and activity on the property would be determined by new owners.  Highest value of property other than a ski center would probably be an out of state snowmobile club.



Options for keeping Osceola a cross country skiing destination:

1)     Individual or group buying the ski center outright.

2)     Being a corporation, we can sell stock to an individual or group. 

The property, business with assets etc. is selling for $497,000.00

We have up to 500 shares of stock without par value available.

Each share or stock would sell for $ 1,000.00.  Each share or stock would have one vote on decisions made by ski center.  Some of the decisions that need to be made include, who to hire to run ski center, compensation paid to staff, what to charge for skiing and equipment etc..  Decisions can also be made as to benefits to stock holders – examples, free guest passes or memberships to stock holders, dividends paid to stock holder of 1-3%.  The board making these decisions can be all stock holders or a limited number of elected individuals.  The board could also explore the possibility of taking the ski center into non-profit status as others including Craftsbury in Vermont have done.   The only way selling individual shares or stocks works for us is with a minimum of 200 shares sold initially to various individuals or a group.

3)     Non-profit status – One of the biggest advantages to a non-profit is the availability of grant monies not available to a for profit business.

4)     Exploring the possibility of a Government – State or County to purchase the ski center.  As 50% of our skiers come from out of state, we provide a big economic boost to this area.  A campaign would need to be put together to let for example the State know that there is a lot of support for acquisition of a ski center by the State in an area that actually gets snow.

5)     Contact Colleges or universities to purchase and use our ski center as a working lab for their students.

6)     Possible other directions that we can go.  Hopefully any other options available can be discussed at the March 2, 2019 meeting.





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