Disc Golf courses and pro shop are closed in Osceola
Disc Golf courses and pro shop are closed in Osceola
Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski
Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski

Welcome to Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski Ctr.    

SKI CONDITIONS - below or - CALL 315-599-7377 - WEBCAM www.NorthernChateau.com

                                  webcam www.nysmesonet.org

                        OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 10AM TILL 5PM

Good morning:  As many of you know I have semi retired.  I will be running a ski shop this winter in Osceola.  Another couple has purchased much of the property and will be running the ski trails, snack bar etc.  For all pratical purposes, very little will change.  Biggest change is that I will ski more.  They will be grooming with heavier equipment (Bombardier snowcat) and provide an excellent skiing experience.  Enclosed is a quick intro from the couple.



COVID safety procedure this year while at the Osceola Tug Hill Cross Country Ski Center.  The day lodge will be open the same as previous years, 7 days a week from 10AM until 5PM.   Masks will be worn at ALL times while inside.  While you are skiing you make the choice as to wear a mask or not.  Osceola does not have sidewalks or curbs.  We will bring all trail passes out to your car with a snowbank pickup if you feel more comfortable not coming into the lodge.   We will still have our normal snack bar available including coffee, tea, hot cocoa, pre-packaged snacks etc.  Since masks are required on at all times -  snacks will have to be consumed outside or in your vehicle.  Outdoor firepits and seating available for you to utilize if so desired.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but many of our skiers have been with us for 30 years or more and everyone’s safety is very important to us.  Bathrooms, microwaves etc. will be available inside as needed.  Porti-potti available outside.  Due to the inconvenience of restrictions, new people grooming and just not knowing what to heck is going to happen during the season, we will have reduced trail fees and memberships this year.  Our new adult trail fee is $15 vs. $20 last year.  Junior trail fees (6-15 years) will be $8.  Seniors (62 + up) $12.  Family memberships $220 vs. $290 last year.  Adult memberships $110.  Senior memberships $90.  Group discounts - 10 or more in a group get an additional 10% off the above reduced rates.  20 or more in a group get 20% off.

The red camp will be available for rent this year.  Changes are a minimum of two night and an open day after any rental.  Special price available on 6 nights worth of  rentals.  All forecast call for cross country to be a major success this year as it is an activity that you can enjoy doing while practicing social distancing.  Stay safe, be active and make it through until vaccines are in wide distribution.


We are Tom and Kristin and we are excited to continue to provide the same great skiing experience and customer service you enjoyed with Hugh and Anna Quinn.   We look forward to promoting the great sport of Nordic skiing and grooming the excellent trails Hugh has built over the last 40+ years. Thank you for your patience and feedback as we grow into our stewardship of this beautiful land. 
01/20/21  5:36AM  22 degrees and a light snow.  5 inches of dry snow overnight.  Noon forecast of 25 and cloudy.  Daytime forecast of 26 and snow showers.  Very good skiing today.  Packed powder surface on a 10 inch plus base.  Set track and skate lanes.  Thursday 33 cloudy with a little snow.  Friday 31 breezy with 1-3 inches of snow.  Saturday 16 cloudy with snow showers.  I am still waiting on our boot order.  Best to call ahead if you need to rent.  Have a great day.
01/19/21  5:25AM  17 degrees with a light snow.  One inch of powder on top of 24 inches for the previous 3 days.  Set track and skate lanes.Noon forecast of 29 and cloudy.  Daytime forecast of 32 and snow.  Accuweather is predicted 2-4 inches today.  A lake effect warning predicts 7 to 13 inches by 7AM Wednesday.  Wednesday 23 breezy with snow showers.  Thursday 34 cloudy with a little more snow.  Friday 31 with a little snow at times.  Good skiing day makes for a great day so have one.
01/18/21  5:53AM  25 degrees and a light snow.  8 inches of snow in the last 24 hours.  Two inches of dry powder overnight.  Should be marvelous ski conditions today.  I hope my boot order ( 60 plus pairs ) will be here by this coming weekend.  We have some size boots where we have a limited number.  If you need to rent or buy call ahead 315-599-7377.  Snowshoes available for rent or sale if needed.  Noon forecast of 29 with flurries.  Daytime forecast of 29 with snow showers.  Tuesday 32 with another lake effect snow possible.  Wednesday 22 snow showers.  Thursday 31 cloudy withy a little snow.  Have a great day.

The Osceola Tug Hill Cross Country Ski Center Inc is dedicated to the best cross country skiing possible.  With this in mind, we only offer cross country skiing (winter months).  No hiking, no tubing, no pets. I have 2 dogs and they are definately part of the family, but it is not safe for dogs or skiers if you are coming down a hill and there is a dog in the trail.   


Groomed ski trails for both classic and skate techniques.   84 inch Yellowstone track system groomer that get 2 passes on the entire trail system for a skate lane and set tracks.


Largest selection of nordic or cross country ski equipment in the northeast.  Hundreds of skis available to rent under our RENTAFLEXIBILY program where all rentals are credited toward purchase if you so desire.





We are now grooming with Bombardier snow cat, Two skandic snowmobiles, Ginzu 84, mogal master and 8 foot roller.


One of the main advantages we have in Osceola Is a wealth of fresh soft snow.  The way we groom allows us the abilty to groom - renovate - pack any amount of snow.  This lets our skiing stay firm to the ski for skate skiing.  Set track for classic and no rug burns for those inadvertant sudden stops (falls).  


I use a Yellowstone 84 inch Ginzu groomer. With 250 pounds of down pressure we have the ability to smooth out all snow regardless of the age.  The Ginzu groomer is 330 pounds.   www.yellowstonetrack.com













































































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