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Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski

Welcome to Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski Ctr.    

SKI CONDITIONS - below or - CALL 315-599-7377 - WEBCAM www.NorthernChateau.com

                                  webcam www.nysmesonet.org

                        OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 10AM TILL 5PM

07/23/17  6:41AM  60 degrees and partly cloudy.  Noon forecast of 75 and partly cloudy with a 24% chance of rain.  Daytime high today of 77 and calling for a humid day with periods of sun.  Monday has a forecast high of 67 with possible showers and thunderstorms (74% chance).  Tuesday has a high of 68 with possible showers (12%) and periods of sun.  About 120 days until snow.  Even the long range forecast have not started predicting what kind of winter is ahead yet.  Even when we get to winter a quote by famed baseball player Yogi Brra stands true.  "its tough to make predictions - especially about the future


07/22/17  6:38AM  56 degrees and light clouds.  Noon forecast of 74 and cloudy with a 0% chance of rain.  Daytime high of 77 with variable cloudiness.  Sunday 78 with moderate humidity and cloudiness.  Monday 67 cooler with periods of rain.  The forecast for the weekend has improved.  Now even Sunday is mostly rain free until evening hours.  14 hours and 55 minutes of possible daylight.  Losing about 2 minutes a day. 


07/21/17  6:32AM  54 degrees and light hazy type clouds.  Noon forecast of 75 and partly cloudy with a daytime high of 80.  Very similar to yesterday.  High is one degree higher and rain chance during the noon hour is 7% vs. 2% yesterday.  Saturday looks to be the better weather day of the weekend.  75 with variable cloudiness.  Sunday also 75 with more humidity and a higher chance of rain or thunderstorms. 


07/04/17  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA.  Even with the dsyfunction in Washington, still the greatest place in the world to call home.  Both parties get some of the credit.  Time to get to work and not worry about just getting re-elected. 


 I missed the first anniversity of the Mesonet weather station on our premises.  Installed / put in operation June 22, 2016.  Check out all the available data at www.nysmesonet.org    Click on live data - when the map comes up with many dots - play around until you find Osceola.  25 miles east of Lake Ontario, 50 miles NE of Syracuse and located between Redfield and Camden.


  Big news - this will be our last season of disc golf in Osceola.  The numbers, while still positive just do not justify me being tied up every weekend all summer.  Grand kids and other time lost make this a difficult but I think correct choice.  Courses will be open this year until Oct. 15th.  As always all ski season members get a free disc golf membership. All discs, accessories and targets are 50% off.  All targets on the course can be reserved for pick up after Oct. 16th with a $10 deposit.  With this $10 deposit you can golf all summer for free.  Innova Pro 28 targets price $425 with 50% off $212.  Innova Discathers targets reg. price $199 with 50% off $99.  Buy three or more targets and get them for $199 and $94 respectively.  Buy 18 and get them for $185 and $89 each. 


 We have replaced a car pool page on our website ( not enough people used ) and replaced with a T-Shirt sayings page.  If you know of any non-derogatory T-Shirt sayings e-mail me with them and I will place on this new page.


1486 OSCEOLA ROAD - CAMDEN, NY 13316 - 315-599-7377 - www.uxcski.com



Ski trail fees   Adult, weekend day or holiday-  $19

                                   weekday - $ 15

                        Senior ( 62 and up)  $ 15

                        Junior ( 6-15 )  $ 10

                        (5 and under ) free

Ski rentals      Touring package $12

                       Performance package $ 15

                       Youth (170cm and down)  $ 8

Memberships  Individual - $ 145

                        Family - $ 290

                        Senior -  $120




The Osceola Tug Hill Cross Country Ski Center Inc is dedicated to the best cross country skiing possible.  With this in mind, we only offer cross country skiing (winter months).  No hiking, no tubing, no pets, no snowshoes, no disc golf in the winter months.  (two eighteen hole disc golf courses and pro shop available June 1 through October 31 of each year)


40k of groomed ski trails for both classic and skate techniques.  Groomed daily with an Alpina Sherpa featuring a 4 cylindar Peugot engine and a 84 inch Yellowstone track system groomer that get 2 passes on the entire trail system. 


Largest selection of nordic or cross country ski equipment in the northeast.  Hundreds of skis available to rent under our RENTAFLEXIBILY program where all rentals are credited toward purchase if you so desire.



DISC GOLF COURSE(S) OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 8am TILL 6pm - Opens May 31 2014 - Oct 31 2014



                                                      SATURDAYS 8AM TILL 6PM

                                                      SUNDAYS 8AM TILL 6PM


If you golf when the pro shop is not open, the kiosk at the first hole on the south (lodge) side of the road has course maps, scorecards and pencils.  There is an honor box for the $5 green fees which entitles you unlimited play for the day.  In the pro shop we have product from Innova, Vibram and Discraft.  We have a wide selection of discs for sale or rent, along with misc. bags, accessories etc. 





We groom with an Alpina Sherpa.  This is a 1.6L, 4 cylindar truck on a snowmobile frame.  An Italian made machine designed for pulling and climbing in the Alps.  This machine produces 75HP and 82 lb-ft.


One of the main advantages we have in Osceola Is a wealth of fresh soft snow.  At 0.38 pounds per square inch ground pressure the Shepa allows us the abilty to groom - renovate - pack any amount of snow.  This lets our skiing stay firm to the ski for skate skiing.  Set track for classic and no rug burns for those inadvertant sudden stops (falls).  More specs. and pictures on www.alpinasnowmobiles.com


I use a Yellowstone 84 inch Ginzu groomer. With 250 pounds of down pressure we have the ability to smooth out all snow regardless of the age.  The Alpina is 1180 pounds dry weight, the Ginzu groomer is 330 pounds.  To give you a feel for the size of this equipment, the work class snowmobile from Bombardier the Skandic super wide track is 650 pounds.  Two passes on all the trails with a touch of overlap gives you trail widths of 12 to 14 foot with classic track and skate lanes.   www.yellowstonetrack.com


04/16/14  7:25AM  Closed for the ski season.  3 inches of fresh snow this morning.  0k open for skiing.  Thanks for your support.  Hope to see you for disc golf in June or next year skiing. 308 inches for the season.











































































Where to Find Us:

Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski
1486 Osceola Rd

Camden, NY 13316

Phone: +1 315 599 -7377

What's New

two 18 hole disc golf courses and pro shop June 1, 2013 through Oct 31 each year.


adding Fischer Ski Company to our product lines

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