Disc Golf courses and pro shop are closed in Osceola
Disc Golf courses and pro shop are closed in Osceola
Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski
Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski

Welcome to Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski Ctr.    

SKI CONDITIONS - below or - CALL 315-599-7377 - WEBCAM www.NorthernChateau.com

                                  webcam www.nysmesonet.org

                        OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 10AM TILL 5PM

Gonna miss you all.  Thank you so much for the best 40 plus years anyone could possibly ask for.  Love you all Hugh



COVID safety procedure this year while at the Osceola Tug Hill Cross Country Ski Center.  The day lodge will be open the same as previous years, 7 days a week from 10AM until 5PM.   Masks will be worn at ALL times while inside. 


While the ski center is in the capable hands of new owners Tom & Kristin this is my last year


Fischer RCR wax and zero skis reg. $400  on sale $100

Fischer Carbonlites wax and zero skis reg $600  on sale $ 150

The inventory on the 2 hot to ski page is correct as of 02/22/21.  Inventory updated   If you are coming to Osceola to ski anyways we can show you what is available.  If you are looking to check if a particular ski is still in inventory email us at uxcski@gmail.com and give me the FA number, lenght ski you are looking for or your height, weight and level of skiing - novice, intermediate or awesome.  



Our new adult trail fee is $15 vs. $20 last year.  Junior trail fees (6-15 years) will be $8.  Seniors (62 + up) $12.  Family memberships $220 vs. $290 last year.  Adult memberships $110.  Senior memberships $90.  Group discounts - 10 or more in a group get an additional 10% off the above reduced rates.  20 or more in a group get 20% off.

The red camp will be available for rent this year.  Changes are a minimum of two night and an open day after any rental.  Special price available on 6 nights worth of  rentals.  All forecast call for cross country to be a major success this year as it is an activity that you can enjoy doing while practicing social distancing.  Stay safe, be active and make it through until vaccines are in wide distribution.


We are Tom and Kristin and we are excited to continue to provide the same great skiing experience and customer service you enjoyed with Hugh and Anna Quinn.   We look forward to promoting the great sport of Nordic skiing and grooming the excellent trails Hugh has built over the last 40+ years. Thank you for your patience and feedback as we grow into our stewardship of this beautiful land. 
3/25/21 Sad news, but we've got to call it. Check the webcam if you want visual proof. The season is over. Sigh. We were hoping to enjoy a last ski weekend since it sounds like the summer weather will revert to something more seasonal soon. But even if we get a foot of snow, the base is compromised and with it, our grooming capabilities. Thank you again for your support in our first year (and a VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Hugh!!!) Please check out our updated website soon. We are already looking forward to next winter and will post updates on our progress on buildings and trails. Have a great day! Kristin & Tom
3/24/21 7:00am Good day if you're a duck. current temp 44 degrees, high today 57/low 43 degrees with rain showers. Thursday high 66/low 51 degrees, partly sunny, Friday high 57/low 31 degrees with rain showers and thunderstorms. Saturday high 46/low 34 degrees chance snow showers and partly sunny. Not a good day for snow or skiing, but have a great day anyway. 
3/23/21 6:30am Forecast today is 33 degrees by 8am with a high of 58 degrees and the remainder of the week offers still more days in the 50's and 60's. Tom will not be grooming again until the weekend. Chance of rain Wed evening through Thursday and showers/thunderstorms likely Friday before weather turns cooler Saturday with chance of snow showers. Weather permitting we will be open this weekend and have decided this will be the final weekend of the season unless we get a huge dump like Denver, CO just did. Have a great summer day. 
3/22/21 6:00 am current temp is 25 degrees with today's high 57/low 32 and more sunshine. Tuesday high 57/low 40 degrees with sunshine, Wednesday high 56/low 46 degrees slight chance of showers, and Thursday high 65/low 46 and possible evening rain/thunderstorm. With nights forecast to stay above freezing and rain on it's way, Frosty's not gonna last much longer so today might be the last hurrah. After today, Tom will pause on grooming until further "snowtice" or nighttime temperatures return to below freezing. There's still an 8-10" base, but it will be too warm to recondition the surface. It's been a great first year, we've learned a lot, and now it's time to shift gears and work on building and trail upgrades for next winter. Enjoy all the sunshine in the forecast and make it another great day. Thanks for visiting Osceola this winter. Hope you have a great spring, summer, and fall. Hope to see you again soon!
3/21/21 6:30am Do you remember yesterday's weather? Today will be a close repeat. 20 degrees now with a high 55/low 30 degrees and nothing but sunshine. Turned out to be a great day of skiing yesterday with spring conditions and still plenty of base. The Ginzu groomer scratches the crusty snow from the chilly night and you get a clean new surface to enjoy, so don't let the widespread meltdown fake you out, we sitll have time to play with the snow. Monday high 55/low30 degrees and Tuesday high 58/low 38 degrees and mostly sunny. Get out and replenish get your vitamin D and have a great day.   
3/20 5:45am 11 degrees and mostly clear right now. Today's high 47 degrees will hit between 3 and 4 pm with a low of 21 degrees. 28 degrees at 10 am will quickly climb to 36 degrees by 11 am so the early bird will get the fast conditions and it will get progressively slower as the day wears on. Sunday and Monday both forecast for high 55/low 30 degrees and sunny. Tuesday high of 58/low 38 degrees. Machine groomed, loose granular snow. Track set on some trails. Happy first day of spring. I am afraid our skiing days are numbered now, but all good things must come to an end and the gardening catalogues keep arriving in the mail. Nevertheless, have a great day.
3/19/21 5:55am Last day of winter! 13 degrees with a high of 31 degrees low 10 degrees and here comes the sun. Expecting lots of sun all weekend, but chilly nights will help to preserve 11" base. Machine groomed, loose, granular snow good for skate and classic techniques. Today will be fast and hard throughout the day due to cool temps. Saturday high 43/low 24 degrees, Sunday high 53/low 28 degrees, Monday high 56/low 28 degrees so get your skis on before the season is over and have a great day.
3/18/21 UPDATE: 9:30 am Don't shoot the messenger, I don't want to post this but you should probably know, it's 35 degrees and the sky is spitting rain not snow. Not conducive for grooming and hence not such a great day for skiing, but have a great day anyway.
3/18/21 6:57am 31 degrees with 100% cloud cover, chance of light snow or rain this morning. High of 40/low 16 degrees. 10am forecast 37 degrees so the earlier the better for skiing today as surface will get progressively slushier in the afternoon--good workout if you are up for it! Friday cooler, high of 30/low 15 degrees but sunny...forecast is lots of sun throughout the weekend with Saturday high of 42, low 22 degrees and Sunday high of 51 and low of 27degrees, so come early in the day for best ski conditions. Machine groomed with set track where conditions allow. All trails still open with a 12" base,. Good weather for maple sap to flow. Have a great day.
3/17/21 6:16 am 29 degrees/wind chill 26 with 81% cloud cover. Today's high 44/low 33 degrees and partly sunny. Thursday high 42, low 15 degrees with chance of rain or snow. Friday high 29, low 14 degrees slight chance of light snow then mostly sunny. Saturday high 40, low 20 degrees. Yesterday Tom scratched all trails 2-3" deep to completely resurface with loose granular and set track only on the lower trails to preserve 13* base. Today he plans to set track on upper trails if conditions permit. Three day highs shouldn't take too much away from our base just yet, but warmer weather is in the forecast for early next week? Only time (and Mother Nature) will tell... Happy St. Paddy's Day, have a great day!
3/16/21 6:15am 8 degrees with 55% cloud cover, noon forecast 30 degrees with 88% cloud cover, high of 34, lots of clouds and slight chance of snow starting at 3pm through Wed. 7am. Wed high of 43 degrees/low 31 with 69% cloud cover (Happy St. P's day), Thursday high of 44 degrees/low 17, Friday high 30 degrees/low 15. Still cold, still a 13" base, still a machine groomed zen garden of beautiful trails to play on.  
3/15/21 6am and with daylight savings it will be dark for another hour or so. 8 degress with a windchill of -3 and 10% cloud cover. Noon forecast 14 degrees with 3% cloud cover and winds 14 mph. High of 14 degrees today, but lots of sun. Tues mostly cloudy, high 26 degrees, Wed high of 43 with slight chance of snow showers. Thurs high of 47 degrees. It's the Ides of March and Hugh says the season will easily extend to TAX DAY with a base of 13 inches. Machine groomed trails with skate lane and set track. We're gonna miss you big time Hugh. It's been great having you show us the ropes this winter and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Hope you take sweet Sammy and Lila for a last spin on the trails before you head out to Vermont today...Wear your sunglasses, the forecast is bright--have a GREAT day!
03/14/21  now - ps Ed wanted a mention in the blog.  getting close to baseball season!
03/14/21  7:09AM seems earlier tha that.  20 degrees with a 66% cloud cover.  Noon forecast of 30 and cloudy.  Daytime forecast of 30 with a chance of some snow showers.  Machine groomed trails  with skate lane and set track on a 13 inch base.  Monday 20 degrees and sunny.  Tuesday 40 clouds and sun.  Wednesday 47 milder - clouds and sun.  Average high / low for today in Osceola is 41 / 21.  This is my last day doing this weather / ski condition blog.  Also my last day working here.  I hope to be here many times over the next few years as a grumpy old skier.  Thank you all for the great memories that I have accumulated over the years.  Tom and Kristin are doing a great job with the ski center and will continue this blog.  I am sure there will some differences, but it is time for the change.  PS Have a great day.
03/13/21 11:23am Kristin here with Hugh, getting a tutorial on how to update the daily blog...25/wind chill 17 but it doesn't feel like it with the sun. According to Dan and Karl, it's a skater's paradise right now--very hard and fast conditions. By midday things will be softer for classic style. Either way, it's a beautiful day and we still have snow hooray!
03/13/21  5:56AM  18 degrees with a 15% cloud cover.  Noon forecast of 26 mostly sunny.  Daytime forecast of 28 mostly sunny.  Machine groomed - loose granular surface on a 15 inch base.  Faster in the morning.  Still new ski worthy.  Typical last month of the season where the snow shows all the pine needles and twigs that fell during the year and were covered up by snow.  Sunday 31 windy with snow showers.  Monday 23 cold with plenty of sunshine.  Tuesday 34 clouds and sun, not as cold.  Today and Sunday will be my last days doing this weather / ski condition blog.  I hope to keep in contact off and on with the Hugh's reflection and equipment page.  Have a great day.

The Osceola Tug Hill Cross Country Ski Center Inc is dedicated to the best cross country skiing possible.  With this in mind, we only offer cross country skiing (winter months).  No hiking, no tubing, no pets. I have 2 dogs and they are definately part of the family, but it is not safe for dogs or skiers if you are coming down a hill and there is a dog in the trail.   


Groomed ski trails for both classic and skate techniques.   84 inch Yellowstone track system groomer that get 2 passes on the entire trail system for a skate lane and set tracks.


Largest selection of nordic or cross country ski equipment in the northeast.  Hundreds of skis available to rent under our RENTAFLEXIBILY program where all rentals are credited toward purchase if you so desire.





We are now grooming with Kubota UTV, two Skandic snowmobiles, Ginzu 84, mogal master and 8 foot roller.


One of the main advantages we have in Osceola Is a wealth of fresh soft snow.  The way we groom allows us the abilty to groom - renovate - pack any amount of snow.  This lets our skiing stay firm to the ski for skate skiing.  Set track for classic and no rug burns for those inadvertant sudden stops (falls).  


I use a Yellowstone 84 inch Ginzu groomer. With 250 pounds of down pressure we have the ability to smooth out all snow regardless of the age.  The Ginzu groomer is 330 pounds.   www.yellowstonetrack.com













































































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