Disc Golf courses and pro shop are closed in Osceola
Disc Golf courses and pro shop are closed in Osceola
Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski Center
   Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski Center

Trail and Snow Conditions

Osceola and the Tug Hill Plateau mean changeable weather...


lake ef*fect snow  (noun)

"snow falling on the lee side of a lake generated by cold dry air passing over warmer water, especially in the Great Lakes region. "                                                                                                                                                     --definition from Oxford Languages

...happily there are many ways to check on conditions before you jump in the car...            



pre-SEASON 2023-24

Welcome back to Osceola and the Tug Hill. With reservations for trailside lodging starting to book and the weather turning cooler, it's time to get back to the computer and offer some updates on what's new at the ski center...We have been busy continuing our renovations on the lodge. Repairs and a new coat of paint on the standing seam metal roof, finishing up the downstairs bathroom remodel, and much more. Trail work is never done and there's always more to do. New road sign coming soon featuring a logo we are excited to unveil. New skis delivered this week our shop is ever expanding--stay tuned! We are also excited to announce that Kandi's Food Truck will be a fixture on weekends (yummy food and great prices) and for high school races and other special events...like a guest tasting from a local brewery...Looking forward to another great ski season...


WINTER 2022-23

4/1/23 Current temp 43 degrees at 7 pm (no foolin, I'm 12+ hours late to this post...Today was a changeable day--listening to rain on the roof in the early morning, hitting 60+ degrees in the afternoon, and tonight's low will be 17 degrees. We literally watched the field coverage shrink in the span of a day. All good things must come to an end. Spring (and summer) is in the air. Trailside lodging now available year-round for hikers, bikers, boaters and fisherpeeps looking to enjoy nature through all four seasons. Call 315-558-4557 for reservations and details. Have a great day.


3/26/23 Current temp 33 at 6:30 am, high today 38, low 26 degrees. Currently snowing, we received a dusting overnight. Sad as it is, we are pulling the plug on the season. TODAY IS OUR LAST DAY OPEN (10am - 5pm). Conditions are still pretty decent, but each day above freezing degrades the base more and more and tho you can still ski around the few bare spots showing on the trail, by next weekend they will have grown large enough to cut off continuous skiing. Yesterday I skated Malloy Brook Trail in the rain which was soggy but satisfying. Today will be dry but soft with temps above freezing all day. Not a bad way to end the season--I feel kinda like Seinfeld; going out while still on top. Not gonna lie...waking up to a cup of coffee and NOT immediately logging onto the computer to post trail conditions will feel pretty nice too. A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who visited Osceola this year to ski and support this special little divot in the Tug Hill Plateau that has an extraordinary talent for attracting gobs of snow to play with. Hugh's parting promise was that the best part of the job is all the great people you meet. Wise words from a wise man, the people more than make up for the many equipment failures, challenges Ma Nature throws our way, and gallons (and gallons and gallons) of gas, diesel, kerosene, and propane it takes to make the show go on. We are looking forward to summer projects and fall prep and a new ski season some 200+ days from now. In the interim, have a great day!! Peace out.


3/25/23 Current temp 31 degrees at 6 am, high today 36, low 30 degrees. The plump lady is clearing her throat this weekend. Approximately an inch of new snow this morning will be followed by rain this afternoon. We will be open until noon today, then determine if it is worth staying open for the day based on visitors and weather. Tickets $10. So if you are not ready to hang up your skis, come on out for a last  hurrah. Spring conditions include corn snow, soft patches, and mud in the parking lot (Import more gravel: on the list of things to do in the off-season.) TOMORROW WILL BE THE LAST DAY OF THE SEASON...and honestly, probably the better day between the two with more snow, not rain predicted. Have a great day.  


3/24/23 Current temp 30 degrees at 6:30 am, high today 39, low 27 tonight. We are CLOSED today and tomorrow looks like a mixed bag of precipitation wanting to promise a few inches of wet snow, but we will see...Still snow on the trails but this is the end, my friend. Last call: Tomorrow and Sunday we will be open MORNINGS until noon then determine if it is worth staying open for the day based on visitors and tickets will be $10. Have a great day. 


3/23/23 Current temp 36 degrees at 6 am, high today 45, low 27. Even if it wasn't Thursday, the rain today would warrant we are CLOSED. Snow depth at our Mesonet weather station is down to 11 inches, the rain will carve into this, then temps begin to drop this afternoon on the heels of a cold front. By midnight thermometer scuttles back down to freezing and Friday will be dry so we are still hoping to be open this weekend. Have a great day.


3/22/23 Current temp 30 degrees at 6 am, high 49, low 38 degrees. You've heard of a soft open...this is a soft CLOSE. Thomas will be around this morning to see our guests off, but he is not able to groom with these temps. Rain all day tomorrow does not fill my heart with joy. He will assess the trails Friday and we hope to be open for the weekend...Is this the last hurrah? Most likely with temps consistently in the 40's next week, but there is a snowball's chance in hell that we get another snow storm (please not rain) next weekend. Of course I will keep you posted. Have a great day. 


3/21/23 Current temp 31 degrees at 6 am, high 42, low 30 tonight. Don't shoot the messenger--'cause you knew it was coming--but in addition to the reminder that we are CLOSED Tuesdays and Thursdays, at this point we may as well throw in all the other weekdays and try to preserve the trails for the weekend(s) if we can. Daytime high temperature continues to climb each day this week and by Thursday it's 50 and raining. Yuck. The weekend forecast is trending cooler with a chance of snow and I am not sure if it's an April Fool's joke or not, but the extended forecast for next weekend includes moderate to heavy snow with one site using the b-word (blizzard), lol. Anyhoo, grooming is off the table with these temps and skiing is a mixed bag of fast and slow depending on sun/shade, how warm and late it is in the day. After work yesterday I made my rounds as Head Stick Picker-Upper and it felt like the game  "Operation" (remember the plump guy with the buzzing nose?) Sticks and other debris are tricky to remove without tweezers when they form their own mini channels in the snow. Not sure the cost of the drive is still worth the benefit of excellent skiing, but I promise I will keep you posted. If this is the end my friend, then all-in-all it hasn't been a bad season. We appreciate all the visitors and support we received this year and are already looking forward to next year. Have a great day. 


3/20/23 Current temp 24 degrees at 6 am, high today 40, low 27 tonight. It's officially spring and yet it still feels like mid-winter in Osceola. Yesterday's lake effect came in via a gusty, blustery day (kudos to all the die-hards who braved the open field and made it to the wooded trails to enjoy a brisk ski yesterday) and dropped several inches of fresh powder to set the week up, but let's face it folks, the ski season will soon come to a close with days trending above freezing through the foreseeable future. I will be sure to keep you posted on the status of our hefty base and plans to hang up the grooming equipment and call it a day. As long as we stay dry, we could stay open for weeks to come, we will just have to see. Today trails will start out firm and fast but soften as the day warms. By 11 am we should be close to 32 degrees, so time your visit according to your preference, Golidlocks, and have a great day.


3/19/23 Current temp 17 degrees at 5:30 am, high 26 today, low 19 tonight. We received approximately 2 inches of fine powder overnight and are forecast to get another 6-8 inches through the day. Mesonet says "likely" for snowfall right this minute, but when I let Nedrow out to do his thing just now, I could see twinkling stars in the sky above and barely discern dark clouds to the north, so it will depend on which way the wind blows to determine when the lake effect will top us. Trails were exceptional yesterday but will be positively amazing today with fresh snow (and Thomas) returning the surface to a flawless zen garden of corduroy for your skis. Hope you can make it to Osceola to enjoy...next week temps return to above freezing each day and our season ended on this day last year so our days of ski fun are certainly numbered. Just how many remain is the $100,000 question. Have a great day. 


3/18/23 Current temp 31 at 6 am, high today 33, low tonight 15 degrees. Scattered snow showers likely today but not adding up to much until Sunday. Expect spring conditions today--yesterday's rain has leeched out of the snow pack and Thomas will machine groom the surface crust to a nice corn. Tomorrow brings more measurable snow and spring is officially right around the corner but winter is still holding on to Osceola. Have a great day.


3/17/23 Current temp 31 degrees at 5:30 am, high today 44, low tonight 25. Happy St. Patty's day...let's see...is the luck of the Irish that we still have a hefty base of 15 inches at the weather station (even more packed underfoot on the machine groomed trails) and more snow/chill weather heading our way for the weekend...OR...that it's too warm for Thomas to groom so he will be able to strap on some skis and search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow today? Today will be your classic spring conditions. Grooming to resume tomorrow. Have a great day. 


3/16/23 Current temp 28 degrees at 6am, high 40 and partly sunny, the thermometer will hit 32 by 11 am and stay above freezing until Saturday 1 am...Good thing we got that storm to add another solid layer to the shelf we have worked so to hard to build and maintain through the beautiful woods of Osceola this winter. This weekend will bring chill temps back and more snow is in the forecast too. Unfortunately, I need to remind that we are CLOSED today THURSDAY and Thomas has other chores to attend to. Have a great day.   


3/15/23 UPDATE: Haha, I'm silly. Grooming is complete at 11 am and this could be the best conditions in a week. Earlier post was misguided based upon what it took me to slog out to the chicken coop--snow falling into the top of my boots the drifts were so high. We got clobbered down in the southern hills, but Osceola is just right...roads are clean and the sun is popping out. Gonna be a gorgeous day of skiing.  


Current temp 22 degrees at 5:30 am, the high today of 32 hits late afternoon around 4pm, low 18 degrees tonight. It's still snowing but this is expected to break up around 8 am. Hard to say exactly how much snow we received in total with the gusty winds creating drifts, but my guesstimate is 9-10 inches (double that for our farm in Smyrna and the Syracuse City School District is closed for the 2nd day in a row so this was a decent smackdown storm I would say) Thomas groomed trails before noon yesterday so he expects to begin the day with the roller to manage drifts. Ginzu will follow but it may the better part of the day to harness the plenty Mother Nature has graced us with, so if you have back-country skis today is a good day to strap them on. Have a great day.


3/14/23 Current temp 29 degrees at 6:30 am, high of 34, low 21 tonight. It is snowing mashed potatoes and snow is expected to continue through Wednesday. This is a wet and heavy nor'easter, which will add to our season's base and stick to the trees making for a winter wonderland scene. We are CLOSED today, Tuesday but will work this new stuff to make tomorrow a choice day to ski. Have a great day.


3/13/23 Current temp 32 degrees at 5:30 am, high today 36, low 30 degrees. Seems fitting that on the 30 year anniversary of  the Bizzard of '93 we have another late winter storm beginning today...the big difference with this one is how long and drawn out the snow event will be. In Osceola we received a dusting overnight and it is currently snowing. Snow is expected to continue through Wednesday morning but snowfall rate will be slooow, so road crews should be able to keep up with road treatments and keep driving safe. Bulk of the snow will arrive tomorrow. With temperature hanging around freezing, this will be a heavy dump, but that is just fine for adding to our hefty base and extending the ski season. Springlike conditions, trails are tracked and surface is corn. Have a great day.


3/12/23 Current temp 12 degrees at 6:30 am (good morning, pardon the delay...what can I tell you I am a creature of habit and not a big fan of Daylight Savings) high today 36 with mostly sunny skies it may feel warmer this afternoon. Trails are still in great shape despite the recent trend of days rising above freezing thanks to our chill nights and hefty base. Spring-like conditions continue to make for softening conditions as the day progresses. More snow heading our way this week with another winter storm sneaking in before spring officially begins, March is behaving more like a snow leopard than a lion so far. Have a great day. 


3/11/23 Current temp 28 degrees at 5:30 am, high today of 35 with light snow falling at the moment. This will taper off soon and the remainder of the day will be dry and mostly cloudy. Looks like we have another great weekend of skiing ahead. Trails are in prime condition with set track and skate lane. Good luck to Paul and all the other racers skiing the Tourathon at Winona State Forest today! Have a great day.


3/10/23 Current temp 13 degrees at 6 am, high today of 35 and cloudy. Trails are in great shape with set track and skate lane freshly groomed. Winter storm is not a biggie and will clip us this evening with just an inch or so of snow expected to fall in Osceola overnight (more the more south you go). Have a great day. 


3/9/23 Current temp 20 degrees at 5:30 am, high 29, low 19, mostly cloudy...rinse and repeat for the last three days condition-wise, which is good because although we have not received any new snow all week, we haven't lost any either. Next chance for snow is forecast for Saturday and that sounds like it won't add up to much. Either way, should be a great weekend for skiing. Reminder we are CLOSED Tuesdays and Thursdays (except for our overnight guests and season pass holders). Have a great day.


3/8/23 Current temp 21 degrees at 5:30 am, high today 28, low 18 degrees. Cloudy and cool, we received a very slight dusting overnight. Trails are machine groomed frozen granular and corn snow. YTS Ginzu groomer works wonders on this stuff, grinding it down to a snowcone consistency and smoothing it back to a perfect cordoroy deck. Thomas plans to rework the set tracks to give you maximum glide today. We will be open tomorrow and the weekend brings a slight chance of more snow. Have a great day.


3/7/23 Current temperature 22 degrees at 5:30 am, high today 24, low 15. Reminder we are CLOSED on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Weather is trending cool (day temps remain in 20s, nights in teens) through the week with chance of light scattered snow showers so we will hold steady with our ample snow base. Ski season is not over yet in Osceola. Have a great day.     


3/6/23 Current temp 28 degrees at 5:30 am, high today 34 degrees, hitting 32 by noon. It's deja vu groundhog day all over again except that today will be partly sunny. Yesterday was a great ski day--firm in the morning, softening slightly in the afternoon, with super good glide on the machine groomed corn snow. Plenty of snow for Thomas to refresh the cordoroy deck and set track. Luckily xc skiing is more sustainable than snowmobiling...it took just one weekend for their trails to get skied off but we are still basking in the plenty from the two consecutive winter storms last week. Thanks, mom. Have a great day.


3/5/23 Current temp 28 degrees at 5:30 am and snowing lightly, high today 35 degrees with a 40% chance of an inch of new snow today. Yesterday's heavy wet snow has firmed up overnight and Thomas will grind to return the surface to corduroy. Where possible he will set tracks. Trails will be firm until they are not--noon temp 34 degrees. There should be no sticking today despite the warm temps since the snow crystals are transformed and smooth now--expect springlike conditions. Have a great day. 


3/4/23 Current temp 31 at 5:30 am, by 10 am we are at freezing, with a high of 35 degrees. We received approx. 6" of snow overnight and expect another 4+ by 11 am when things start to taper off. Wind last night was howling but has quieted down now. Thomas will roll first to level out trails then sculpt this beautiful abundance with the Ginzu. Set tracks on approx. 25% of trails--then it got too warm. Will set more track tomorrow. Have a great day,


3/3/23 Whoops--I failed to hit "save" this morning! old news now that it's 6pm...

...Current temp 17 degrees at 5:30 am, high today 36 degrees. Partly sunny with clouds rolling in this afternoon ahead of the next winter storm set to begin dropping snow (not wintery mix like in the flatlands) around 7pm. Trail conditions will be great today with set track and skate lane. So far March is making up for February's warm and dry trend. Have a great day.  


3/2/23 Current temp 33 at 5:30 am, high today rising only 2 degrees to 35, then dropping swiftly back to chill after dark with tonight's low 14 degrees. Forty percent chance of rain/wet snow today so it's a good day to remind folks we are CLOSED on Tuesdays and Thursdays unless otherwise posted (or by appointment/overnight guest). Thomas will give the trails a day of rest and get back to it tomorrow when things return to below freezing. Excited for the winter storm heading our way. Seems to be perfectly timed right now for the heaviest rate of snowfall to hit Friday night into early Saturday morning and bring us 10 inches or more (woohoo!) which would make for a perfect ski weekend...in the meantime, have a great day.   


3/1/23 Current temp 22 degrees at 5:30 am, high today 39 and mostly cloudy with light but  wet snow showers (not trending rain like down below at this point hooray) likely in the afternoon, temp will be above freezing by 11am so early bird gets the sweet spot for skiing today. Trails are in spectacular condition with all the new snow we received. With gusty winds it's hard to say exactly how much snow we got but I would say at least a foot in the last 2 days. Track set and skate lane debris free, the warm weather will help compact this new snow and surface will firm up. We are keeping an eye on the next storm heading our way Friday night--could make for amazing conditions this weekend. Have a great day.

P.S. If a fabulous snow storm doesn't frighten you, we have lodging available this weekend due to recent cancellation--give us a call. 


2/28/23 Current temp 25 degrees at 6 am, high today 34, low tonight 20 degrees. Approximately 4 inches fell overnight (hard to measure with blowing snow creating drifts) it will continue snowing through this afternoon adding another 5-7 inches before tapering off. I love a good storm! Gusting winds will limit visability and make travel difficult so please be safe today. Thomas will spend the day working on trails and parking lots. Reminder we are CLOSED on Tuesdays except for overnight guests and appointments. Have a great day.


2/27/23 Current temp 9 degrees at 5:30 am, high today 30, low tonight 23. The weekend brought the winter wonderland back to Osceola and trails are in prime mid-winter condition with plenty of packed powder groomed into skate and classic lanes. Just when you thought it couldn't get better, here comes another storm forecast to bring another 8+ inches of snow beginning early this evening through Tuesday. In an upside down winter and a backwards month, its not surprizing today will be one of the best days condition-wise in the month of February. Good luck to our Nordic skiers competing at States today!  Have a great day.


2/26/23 Current temp 17 degrees at 5:30 am, today's high between 1 and 3 pm will be 32 degrees, low tonight 11 degrees. Yesterday was picture perfect with light snowfall accumulating 4-5 new inches of super fluffy snow and today will bring another few inches ove the course of the day. The new snow allows Thomas to "bring back the track" which has been missing for some time now due to low snow conditions. Feels like a return to normalcy and a return to winter, yippee skippee. Have a great day. 


2/25/23 Current temp 17 at 6 am, high today of 20/low tonight 10. Cloudy with light snow showers likely in the afternoon. Trails are gorgeous and have 100% coverage. Thomas continues to grind and mix the new snow with the old so trails will be softer in the afternoon and the transformed snow crystals make for very fast conditions today. Winter break is almost over so come on out and get your ski on and have a great day. 


2/24/23 Current temp 17 degrees at 6 am, that's our high today with temperature dipping to a low of -5 tonight. It's snowing now and chance of light snow showers remains throughout the day adding to the dusting of new snow we received last night. We are back to full coverage on all trails. Thomas crushed the icy glaze from the sleet/freezing rain that followed our new snow yesterday so trails will be fast and firm today. Not exactly ideal conditions for the just beginning beginners, but if you like to go fast, today is most certainly your day. Chance of snow showers each day throughout the weekend--not a bad way to wrap up the holiday break. Have a great day.


2/23/23 Current temperature 29 degrees at 6 am, high today 32/low 12 degrees tonight. It's another good news/bad news kinda day...good news: we received approximately 5 inches of snow last night which will alleviate any low spots on the trail system...bad news: this was follwed by a sustained period of sleet and freezing rain giving a nice candy coating to all surfaces. Freezing rain/sleet set to transition back into snow sometime soon this morning with occasionally light snow showers today. Thomas will wait a bit this morning for moisture to leech out of the snow before he grooms, so (more bad news) we are CLOSED this THURSDAY MORNING and I will hope to update later today with more good news that we were able to groom and OPEN this AFTERNOON...Stay tuned and have a great day. 

UPDATE: We are not opening today after all. Gonna let the snow leech out moisture and groom later this afternoon. Enjoying a visit with Sarah and Cody in town from Seattle and Roy and Laura in from Old Forge. See you tomorrow, 


2/22/23 Current temperature 27 degrees at 5:30 am, high today 29/low 27 degrees. Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Good News: winter storm begins dropping snow this afternoon with light snow showers getting heavier after dark and accumulating 6" or more through Friday just in time for the weekend...Bad news: the inch or so of snow/rain mix we received overnight was not enough to pad all trails back into shape. Malloy Brook Trail is still going strong with a solid base and Kamikazee provides access to the upper trails but we are still waiting on this new snow to refresh all trails. Patience grasshopper. Have a great day.  


2/21/23 Current temperature 22 at 6 am, high today 38, low tonight will be 18 degrees. By 10 am we are above freezing, mostly cloudy with a mix of rain and snow beginning around noon. Trails are in need of new snow but there is still approx 85% coverage and with any luck what we receive this afternoon will be more snow than rain. Malloy Brook trail still has full coverage but warmer temps have prevented Thomas from being able to groom for two days. Other trails have low and/or icy patches under deeper tree cover but also long stretches of full coverageHowever, after much deliberation and guilty feelings, I am calling it a hookie day. I've asked for a proper vacation day and the groom(er) has approved it. So with sincere apologies we are CLOSED TODAY (TUESDAY) despite the holiday break. We are also watching with great anticipation the winter storm heading our way tomorrow night into Thursday--the prognosticators keep changing their minds, but right now calling for 8-10 inches which would be very much appreciated. That would freshen thing up very nicely thank you very much. If you need to get your ski on today, please visit the great trails just up the way at Osceola Ski and Sport Resort and have a great day.  



2/20/23 Current temperature 36 degrees at 5:30 am, high today 39, dropping to a low of 18 degrees tonight. With temps above freezing until 5pm, it is too warm to groom today. Spent the day yesterday with Zach patching bare/icy spots on Kamikazee and Baby Bridge to provide access to the upper trails, and there is more work to be done, but hopefully Mother Nature will be kicking in a helping hand soon? Keeping our eye on winter storm Olivia heading our way sometime Wednesday to give us a potentially decent dump of snow?!? Tomorrow may also bring us an inch or two of very welcome white stuff. Fingers crossed. Have a great day.


2/19/23 Current temperature 21 degres at 6am, high today 44 and mostly cloudy. I'm a little late to rise after wiping out on a hill yesterday so let me remind you to please be cautious with the thin spots! This forced me off shovel duty, so today is the day to get more patching done. Of course what we really need is for some more snow to fall from the sky rather than stealing from Peter to pay Paul, but either way, I don't like to have to take off my skis, do you? Majority of trails still have solid coverage and if it weren't for the beautiful trees (nope, don't go there)...good news on the horizon, forecast includes a bit of snow tomorrow and the next day, so fingers crossed and have a great day.


2/18/23 Current temperature 15 degrees at 5:30 am, high today of 33. Hooray...It's currently snowing and we received a dusting of snow last night--enough to white-out the bare parking lots and plenty for the Ginzu to mix with the old snow and refresh trail surfaces. Trails are in good shape despite the warm and wet weather we recently suffered through and work will continue to erradicate any remaining icy patches. I will update with any closed trails after I get a chance to ski out there and see what's what. Stay tuned for an update...but all in all, it looks like winter isn't gone yet in Osceola and we are off to a a good start for the holiday break. Have a great day.


UPDATE: Approx 90% coverage: hills and under deeper tree cover some icy spots; ski at your own risk. We are working to fill these in but not done yet. Malloy Brook Trail has full coverage. Bring rock skis or plan to take off if you encounter a low coverage patch. 


2/17/23 Current temp 47 at 5:30 am, temperature will be dropping fast throughout the day (below freezing by 10 am) to a low of 10 degrees. Light snow showers beginning around 10 am will only add up to under an inch. Trail conditions are a mixed bag. Malloy Brook Trail has complete coverage, but other trails have ice/bare spots under thicker tree cover. We will work to patch these places and continue to dance for more snow. Temps remain cool through the weekend heading into the holiday break...hope to be open daily next week, weather permitting. Have a great day. 


2/16/23 Current temp 39 degrees at 5:30 am, high today of 42, low tonight will be 28 degrees.  Today will be dry and cooler, possibly a bit of snow arriving tomorrow. Reminder it is THURSDAY and we are CLOSED. Next week for school break we hope to be open everyday weather permitting. Have a great day.


2/15/23 Current temp (gulp) 40 degrees at 5:45 am, the high today will be (yikes) 53 degrees with a 40% chance of rain. Not sure whether to laugh or cry...if you like skiing in slush, today is your pick day, lol. Hosting high school sectional racces today at 3pm. Have a great day.


2/14/23 Current temp 32 degrees at 5:30 high today 38 and partly sunny. Happy Valentines Day. Good day to eat chocolate and buy some overpriced roses. (I asked Mother Nature to be my Valentine but clearly she is not interested.) We are CLOSED today. Have a great day.


2/13/23 Current temp 17 degrees at 5:30 am high today 40/low 28 and mostly sunny. It will be a beautiful day in Osceola, but sadly, by order of the groomer we are CLOSED TODAY...We are hosting a sectionals race this Wednesday and Tom is hoping to preserve the base so the high school athletes have solid trails to compete on. It has been a rough year for high school nordic ski teams and I think we can all agree it is important to support the next generation's participation in the sport of cross country skiing. This week is forecast to be incredibly mild so we will play it day-by-day and hope to make it to the weekend and the February break next week. Have a great day.


2/12/23 Current temp 14 degrees at 5:30 am, high today 39, low tonight 21 degrees. Mostly sunny and above freezing by 11am, expect spring-like conditions today, with trails getting softer as things warm up. Gonna feel more like mid-March than mid-February today, but that's good skiing too. Full coverage on all trails. Have a great day. 


2/11/23 Current temp 26 degrees at 5 am, high today 29, low 19 degrees.  We received a trace to an inch of snow last night--hard to tell because it's windblown. A few flakes of snow in the air this morning, the sun and snow clouds are fighting with eachother to get the upperhand today. We were hoping for more new snow overnight but at least it's cold--no complaints here. Thomas will be grooming all morning to recondition the trails. Conditions will be fast and firm, snow crystals have transformed to mostly granular, which he will mix with the fresh powder. With chilly air, there should be no trouble with sticking today. Have a great day. 


2/10/23 Current temperature is 38 degrees at 5:30 am which is fortunately the high today with temp gradually decreasing to a low of 19 overnight. Unfortunately the rain delay continues and trails are CLOSED again today. Too warm to groom, too wet to ski. Rain expected to turn to snow late this afternoon with a few inches accumluation possible, which would help refresh the trails just in time for the weekend. Happy Birthday Thomas! Have a great day. 


2/9/23 Current temp 21 at 5:30 am today's high will be 42 (!) and I don't need to remind you we are CLOSED because it's gonna be a rain-delay kind of day anyway. Weekend forecast includes snow, so once this rain passes and leeches out of the snow pack, we can get trails back into shape. We still measure 13" of snow at the weather station so this warm, rainy day won't scuttle our skiing this weekend. Have a great day, 


2/8/23 Current temperature 34 degrees at 5:30, this is the high today, low tonight 22 degrees. Mostly cloudy with temp hovering around freezing all day, no precipitation, another mild "sprinter" day. Trails are still firm and Thomas will groom as best he can to resurface skate lane and track is set. Have a great day.  


2/7/23 Current temp 8 degrees at 5:30 am, high today of 39, low tonight 28 degrees. Above freezing by 11 am, trails will become increasingly softer as the day progresses. Light rain will hold off until 4pm or so. Reminder we are closed on Tuesdays and Thursdays except for trailside lodgers...and the upcoming holiday recess for schools Feb 21 and 23. Have a great day. 


2/6/22 Current temp 32 degrees at 5:30 am, high of 34 around 3pm today, low tonight 11 degrees. Chance of snow showers fades by daylight and the sun might make a showing today through milky clouds. Back to spring-like conditions, trails are firm packed and will become softer as the day warms up. Skate lane and track set, save your bikini for later in the week when thermometer threatens to break into the 40's. Still great skiing and plenty of snow in Osceola. Have grret day. 


2/5/23 Current temp 18 degrees at 5:30am, high today is 38 (at 2pm) low tonight will be 28 degrees. Our bipolar winter continues...after the last few days of artic blast we will return to a week of daytime highs above freezing and evenings sliding back into the teens or 20s...crazy weather like this is hard to forecast out well--the forecast changes throughout the day and forget trying to accurately predict what's gonna happen two or three days into the future. I will do my best to keep you posted. Today morning and early afternoon will be the best time to ski with a slight chance of rain late afternoon close to closing time, then snow showers early evening giving us an inch or so of new snow overnight. Trails are in perfect shape and groomed with set track and skate lane. Have a great day.


2/4/23 Current temp -29 degrees at 5:30 am the high today will be 13 degrees. Dangerous wind chill will end today with thermometer seadiliy climbing through the day, by noon the temp will be zero. Thank goodness cross country skiing and snowshoing keeps the chill at bay and our thickly wooded trails keep the wind gusts away. Mom says don't forget warm mittens and a hat that covers your ears! Trails are in pristine condition with fresh powder on packed powder, skate lane and track set for classic, hope to see you in Osceola today. Have a great day.


2/3/23 Current temp 2 degrees at 5:30 am, wind chill -7 this is today's high with dangerously cold wind chill closing most schools today (woohoo, I got the day off!) We are CLOSED today except for overnight lodgers, who will have exclusive use of the trails today. Dubious honor considering it's gonna feel like more like Shackleton's Nimrod expedition to Antarctica than Upstate New York today with wind chill -32 at 10 am. Sorry to disappoint the hardiest of souls, and sure, the fresh snow we got last night makes for excellent trail conditions, but after a week dotted with grooming equipment glitches, Thomas is hanging up his hat and working inside today. I second the notion: grab a mug of cocoa or a cup of tea and snuggle into a good book or movie (Hey Mark, I've got Lessons in Chemistry) and have a great day.

(P.S. call us wimps, but if you are not to be dissuaded from your mission to ski today, please vist our neighboring ski center to the east, Osceola Ski and Sport Resort, and we'll see you tomorrow when weather is more moderate) 


2/2/23 Current temp 19 degrees at 5:30 am, high 29/low -8 tonight. The sun will help warm things up today and the trails are in perfect shape for skate and classic striding. Expecting a few additional inches of snow this evening. As stated earlier this week, we are OPEN today, Thursday...tomorrow looks to be an Arctic blast so stay tuned. Have a great day.


2/1/23 Current temp 2 degrees at 5:30 am, the high today is 20, low tonight 14 degrees. Welcome to February--this month is floating in on a chillier forecast (after a warm/dry January, we don't mind at all). Wind chill alert heading our way in the next day or two, so it's a good thing you don't feel the cold when you are xc skiing--no cold butt sitting on the chairlift or waiting in line. Mostly cloudy with light snow showers throughout the day adding another 2+ inches freshy. Trail conditions don't get better than this. Plenty of fresh powder mixed with older snow means soft but firm corduroy and set track. Have a great day. 


1/31/23 Current temp 20 degrees at 5:30 am, this will be the high today. Light snow showers this morning will soon end  blessing us with a mostly sunny (hooray) day so bring your shades and sunscreen if you visit Osceola today. Reminder we are OPEN TODAY, Tuesday and Thursday this week...It would be a shame to ignore the gorgeous conditions and daily fresh powder we are receiving after the recent dry spell.  Trails will be in prime shape today and throughout the week with more fresh snow in the forecast each day in the foreseeable future. Flawless skate lane and set track for both skaters and classic striders to enjoy. Hope to see you in Osceola this week, have a great day.


1/30/23 Current temperature 19 degrees at 5:30 am, high today of 26. Light snow showers today will add another inch or so fresh flakes to mix with the granular ice coating we gained over the weekend due to rain/sleet/wet snow/gropple--we got it all precipitation-wise yesterday. Skiers were surprisingly upbeat about the condition of the trails yesterday despite the misty conditions. Today will be much improved and the fresh snow mixed with the old will give us a fast and firm surface for skiing today. Thomas says he will be OPEN Tuesday and Thursday this week to accomodate appointments and trailside lodgers (plus with new snow expected throughout the week conditions are back to amazing after scraping the bottom of the barrel last week...I'm just glad I don't have to move snow to patch low spots anymore--that's just a distant memory now thank goodness. Happy Monday, have a great day. 


1/29/23 Current temperature 21 degrees at 4:45 am, high today of 34, low tonight 17 degrees. Shockingly, the forecast has changed yet again. Early morning chance of sleet, then light snow showers scattered throughout the day. Thomas set a track late yesterday and trails will be good  for skate and classic today, though please note temps will hover at or above freezing most of the day with wind chill in the mid 20's. Be sure to give your skis a fresh application of wax (universal glide wax on waxless) to keep from sticking in the warm temps. Today should be an improvement from yesterday since the snow has had time to mature and will  not have the high moisture content it had yesterday. Regardless, today should be another beautiful day to get out there. Have a great day. 


1/28/23 UPDATE 1pm--currently 33 degrees--it's warm and sticky today...Mesonet amended forecast and now says high of 34...still a little cool for water skiing, but if you are heading this way wax your skis (universal glide wax on waxless). No set track today--snow is too wet.  


Current temp 27 degrees at 5 am the high today is 30, low 20. Overnight we recieved yet another several inches of snow and light snow showers today will add a few more by evening. Trails are groomed for classic and skate skiing and the conditions are super spectacularly good. Have a great day.


1/27/23 Current temperature 19 degrees at 5:30 am, high today willl be 29 with scattered snow showers adding up to another inch or so of snow by evening. We are swimming in snow and the trails are back to tip-top shape. Set tracks and skate lane will be pristine highways of packed powder. Can't ask for better conditions than today and a few inches more snow expected each day this weekend...Have a great day.

P.S. An unexpected cancellation means we have 2 rooms available this weekend for trailside lodging. Please call Kristin (315-558-4557) if interested. 


1/26/23 Current temp 34 degrees at 5 am, thankfully the thermometer will continue to fall through the day (29 at 10 am, 27 at noon...)  to a low of 16 degrees. Snow showers today expected to add another 4+ inches. Unfortunately, despite our abundance of snow, Thomas has an appointment that takes him out of Osceola so we are CLOSED TODAY (Thursday). He will groom later today and tomorrow is looking like a choice day for skiing with temps in the 20s and light snow showers. Low snow and bare patches on trails are most definately a thing of the past. Yaah snow. Have a great day. 


1/25/23 Current temp 15 degrees at 5:30 am, high of 29 today. It's Christmas in January because we have been gifted with a winter storm hooray! We have received approx half a foot of snow since last weekend and more is coming today into Thursday. How much? Syracuse news stations say 5-8 but SUNY Albany Mesonet says 10+ before all is said and done Thursday evening. Any way you slice it, trails are back in tip-top shape. Yesterday Thomas helped Rose plot our trails for the updated map we plan to roll out soon--new and improved and includes new trails. Track will be set on some trails today, depending on depth of base. With new snow coming we expect to have all trails back to tracks by the weekend. Have a great day.


1/24/23 Current temp 29 degrees at 5:30 am, high of 32/low 26 today with light snow showers scattered through the day adding up to another few inches. With the new snowfall yesterday, trail conditions are the best they have been in over a week--any icy/low or bare patches are gone. We are open today (Tuesday) since Tom will be working on trails and equipment between appointments. Still no set track but hopefully after tomorrow's dump we will be able to return this. Have a great day. 


1/23/23 Current temp 29 degrees at 5:30 am, high today of 30/low 25. Hooray--it's snowing!! Snow began yesterday early evening and added up to a few inches in Osceola (home in Smyrna we got more, but that's okay) snow will taper off this morning. It's a winter wonderland with snow clinging to all the trees, trails are gorgeous and this is just what we needed to fill in the low/icy  spots on the trails. If you can make it to Osceola today will be great conditions for skate and classic skiing. Take a snow day and have a great day.  


1/22/23 Current temp 27 degrees at 5:30 am the high today will be 32 degrees. Light snow showers throughout the day adding up to another few inches of snow by this evening, we are heading into a more snowy weather pattern with chance of snow forecast each day throughout the week--hope this adds up! Trails are surprisingly good despite our minimal snow, but I did miss the shot yesterday--"fast and firm" ended up being soft and easy. With warm temperature hovering around freezing again, today will feel much like a repeat of yesterday.  All trails are open, but Thomas will not be grooming between Rocket Run and Screamer or Osceola U until we get a bit more snow. Again, no set track. Hope we can get that back soon with a little more snow. Have a great day.


1/21/23 Current temp 26 degrees at 5 am our high today is 30, low 23 degrees. Mostly cloudy with a slight chance of snow showers, we received a few inches of snow in the last 24 hours to help refresh the trail surface which was glazed with freezing rain and sleet in the last few days as well.  I wish it had been more snow (more snow expected Sunday night into Monday), but we will take what we can get and try not to compain. What a winter so far. Thomas will not be able to set tracks until we get several more inches to work with, but the surface will be fluffed and by mid-day man-made tracks will be established. Should be a very decent day for skating--fast and firm. Have a great day. 


1/20/23 Current temp 32 degrees at 5:15 am the high today is 33 degrees and the thermometer will hoover 1 degree above or below freezing through out the day until 3 pm when temp begins to dip to tonight's low of 21 degrees...hence: WE ARE CLOSED TODAY. It is snowing this morning--the warm, wet kind that's pretty to see but DO NOT TOUCH! Another inch or two expected to dribble out of the sky throughout the day. Thomas will have to wait until things get colder and the water has leeched out of the snowpack before he can check trail conditions tomorrow morning. Snow depth at the weather station is 7 inches so we are hopeful trails are still much as we left them Monday. I will keep you posted of course. Have a great day.   


1/19/23 Current temp 27 at 5:45 am high today 34 degrees.  Reminder that we are CLOSED Tuesdays and Thursdays except by appointment. Alas, today is not a good ski day weatherwise anyway... today will bring a mash up of rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow. The forecast has changed every time I checked it so suffice it to say we will just have to see what the next 24 hours brings...have a great day. 


1/18/23 Current temp 35 degrees at 6 am the temperature will remain a few degrees above freezing throughout the day then begin dropping around 8pm to a low of 24 degrees overnight. Light precip today will fluctuate between freezing rain and snow but not add up to much more than an inch...better snow is coming Thursday afternoon into Friday, hopefully adding up to 4 or so inches--that will allow us to give all trails a face lift, hooray. Too warm to groom today but luckily this balmy streak won't degrade our base much if at all. Verdict: don't bother, not worth the trip today. Patience is a virtue. Have a great day. 


1/17/23 Current temp 10 degrees at 5 am, high today of 34 degrees with chance of freezing rain this afternoon, it's probably not necessary to remind that we are CLOSED Tuesdays and Thursdays except by appointment. Good news on the horizon...freezing rain will shift to snow overnight and Thursday may bring 3-4 inches of fresh snow just in time for the weekend. Like Christmas in January if that happens. Stay tuned and have a great day.


1/16/23 Current temp 1 degree at 5:30 am high today of 33. Sunny with thermometer rising above freezing for a short time, between 1-3 pm today will be a touch warmer than yesterday but otherwise today will feel much like a repeat of the weekend. Our cold nights mean status quo--we haven't lost much if anything of what we have and we've been patching the low spots under deeper tree cover. Trails will begin crusty with the chilly early morning temperatures, turning softer as the day progresses. Snow conditions are holding up and skate and classic skiers are happy for the opportunity to be out on the snow, but (I will spare you the longer rant of yesterday) more snow would be greatly appreciated. Sounds like we might just get some later this week? Have a great day.


1/15/23 Current temp 8 degrees at 5:30 am, today's high will be 29 but it may feel warmer than that with a mostly sunny forecast. Heading out for more trail repair this morning. The tall trees that make this property so beautiful are unfortunately also responsible for making thin areas in need of patching and that's where I come in...or better yet how about more snow the good old fashioned way--like falling from the sky? Not gonna lie, the humblebrag WE'VE GOT SNOW! when others don't feels less than hollow when really, we really NEED MORE SNOW! Come on, Mother Nature, it's winter already, you can do it! ...Sounds like something might be coming down the pike soon, but for today, trails will feel much like yesterday: fast and firm. Thomas will do his best to refresh the surface but we could really use more snow already. Have I said that already? Have a great day.


1/14/23 Current temp 17 degrees at 4:45 am the high today will be 22, low tonight 9 degrees. Light snow showers scattered through this morning added up to an inch or so of new snow in the last 24 hours, just enough to mix in with the old to make skiing firm and fast today. Unfortunately Thomas will not be able to set track on most trails today, but conditions for classic and skate skiing will be great despite the recent rain. We will inspect trails this morning for any potential low spots under heavy tree cover, our snow depth at the weather station reads 7 inches so our trail base is still thicker than that overall. Feeling blessed to have snow with this crazy winter so far. Today will be partly sunny and the beginning of a long holiday weekend. Can't wait to get out there. Have a great day.


1/13/23 Happy Friday the 13th. Current temp 34 degrees at 5:30 am this will be today's high thank goodness, temp falling to 26 degrees by 5pm, low 16 degrees tonight. Rain/snow this morning turning to all snow around 7am, an inch or so adding up during the day with a few more inches accumulation possible overnight...Thomas will groom trails later this afternoon once the temperature falls below freezing. Our snow depth at the weather station is 7 inches, down from 8 yesterday so the rain took a bite, but did not come even close to finishing us off. Not so unlucky after all, but today's conditions are soggy until late afternoon, so please give the trails a break until the excess water can leech out and Thomas can get things refreshed for the holiday weekend...which looks to be great weather for skiing: cold and mostly sunny. Have a great day.  


1/12/23 Current temp 29 degrees at 5:15 am, mostly cloudy today's high 38 degrees. Snow this morning forecast to change over to rain this afternoon...turning back again into snow Friday evening into Saturday. Reminder that it is THURSDAY so we will be CLOSED today. Yesterday the Camden Nordic Ski Team visited for practice and our other visitors share the same feedback: Osceola is an exceptional phenomenon--we have snow when others don't. Our trails are in uncommonly great shape but it's shocking to many who make the trip because it's not until you are within a few miles of the ski center that the snowpack looks promising. We've had great skiing all week, but you would never know it watching the national or even local (Syracuse) news. Reminder we have 2 webcams on site for visual proof before you come.  And although we are not happy when rain is included in our winter forecast, it will pass and we will still have snow. Hope you can make it up for a ski this weekend. Have a great day.


1/11/23 Current temp five degrees at five am. Today's high 30 degrees mostly sunny with increasing clouds. Trails are in good shape despite the minimal (but hey a few inches is better than nada) new snow we have received over the last several days. Thomas has done the best he can to grow a good crop of corn snow. Skate skiing will be firm and fast today, good for classic striding too but looking at the weather forecast, it looks like no tracksetting possible until (fingers crossed) this weekend...or...earlier next week depending on how much snow we get in the next 2 waves of precip. heading our way from the west coast. Chance of snow tonight, then expecting a short warm up between Thursday and Friday afternoons with rain/wintery mix/back to snow. Snow showers likely through the holiday weekend. All in all we are feeling fortunate that we have a good shelf of snow on all trails. Have a great day.  


1/10/23 It's Tuesday but Thomas is OPEN by request to accommodate the die hards who NEED to get their feet on the snow. (We get it and we have SNOW!!) Current temp 28 degrees at 5:15 am there's a few zealous flakes swirling in the air and it's cloudy. This is today's high and temps will continue to drop to a low of 16 degrees tonight. Snow depth at weather station reads 7 inches, soil temp at 2 inches deep is 33.3 degress so yes, more snow and more cold please and thank you if you are listening, Mother. Skate conditions are solid today, still no set track for you classic folks. Snow forecast brewing for this weekend but still too far out to determine if it will pan out enough to get that track set again. What can you do? Anyhoo, have a great day.


1/9/23 Current temp 19 degrees at 5:30am, high today of 32. Cloudy with a chance of light snow today, tonight snow showers forecast to give us an inch or two. We'll take it. All trails open except for section between Rocket and Screamer. Trails are groomed but not enough snow to set a track. Even so, the skiing is decidely decent according to our visitors yesterday. Have a great day. 


1/8/23 Yes, we are open and conditions are surprisingly good. Current temp 11 degrees at 5:30 am today will be sunny and colder, high of 31. Trails are patched and repaired where snow cover was low but most trails still have a base of close to a foot of packed powder. Snow depth at the weather station in 7 inches, but packed trails retain their snow longer than the untouched stuff. The YTS Ginzu groomer is an amazing tool for resurfacing trails and is desinged to make the most of even low snow condtions--it's a miracle machine. Trails are firm and fast for skaters and classic striders will get excellent glide on the new packed powder. Have a great day


1/7/23 UPDATE: 9:15 am 31 degrees and cloudy...do you want the good news or bad news first? Good news the trails aren't as bad as I expected (congratulating myself for all the stick-picking-upping I do when I ski the trails--pretty clean everywhere) 95% coverage thanks to the new snow...bad news: a couple washouts where culverts got plugged (between Rocket Run and Screamer and on Nice and Easy south of Rocket.) Hills are mostly navigable but Rocket shows a few rocks and Lightning has a bare spot at the top. Beggars can't be choosers and at least we have skiable snow. Have a great day, 


UPDATE: 8 am still too warm to get on trails with grooming equipment but all in all the trails are in pretty good shape. If you like both classic and skate skiing, I would opt for classic this morning because Thomas can't lay corduroy until things get colder and two inches of wet, heavy snow will make for sluggo-skate conditions. Thumbs up for classic striding. In fact, I am heading out to check on culverts and hills--stay tuned...


We will be open today. Current temp 32 degrees at 5 am, this is actually the high today and temperature will decrease throughout the day to a low of 14 overnight. Finally some cold weather. We received a scant few inches of heavy new snow last night and early this morning, then mostly cloudy today. Thomas will get out there as soon as the temperature dips a few more degrees below freezing to see what he can do with the new stuff. We still have a solid half foot base in our little divot micro-climate, but we are still in serious need of more snow. Trails have considerable debris (sticks, pine needles, etc.) showing from the various windy days  and melt down of the recent past and a couple inches won't cover everything, so bring your rock skis and stay tuned. I will post an update after Thomas comes in from grooming to offer more details on trail conditions...  


1/6/23 CLOSED today, but looking promising for the weekend. 29 degrees at 5:30 am high today of 36 with chance of rain or snow showers. The weekend will remain below freezing temps and a the few inches of new snow forecast to drop between Friday and Saturday would help Thomas refresh the surface of our 6 inch base on trails. He will give all trails a through check up today to determine what we can offer this weekend. I know, i know, I am itching too...Have a great day.


1/5/23 CLOSED. Current temp 38 degrees at 5 am, high of 41 and mostly cloudy but dry today. Sounds like we might get 2-3 inches of snow between Friday and Saturday fingers crossed. A few new inches is all we need to refresh trails since we still have base intact. Still, it can't hurt to do a snow dance just in case. Stay tuned and have a great day.


1/4/23 CLOSED. Current temp 35 degrees at 5:30 am, high 43 degrees today and more rain. Sigh. We still have a 7 inch base but need the weather to cool. A few inches of new snow expected this Friday into Saturday. We really hope to be open this weekend. In the meantime, have a great day.


1/3/23 CLOSED today but fingers crossed for this weekend. Current temp 31 degrees at 6 am our high in Osceola is 40 today. Here comes the rain. Expecting rain on and off today and tomorrow, hopefully changing over to snow Thursday night. Stay tuned and have a great day.


1/2/23 Still CLOSED unfortunately. Current temp 35 degrees at 5 am, high today 38 degrees another dry but cloudy day. Rain expected over the next few days with highs around 48 degrees, Thursday shows some promise to break the tide of warm weather--just in time for the weekend? We can only hope...you have a great day.


1/1/23 We are CLOSED but Happy New Year anyway. Current temp 33 degrees at 5:30 am temperature never fell below freezing last night, sigh. High of only 36 degrees today, but our base is down to 9 inches at the weather station. I really hope Ma Nature's reolution for the new year is to make more snow. This warm up is painful after such a great week of skiing. I resolve to be more patient in the new year. Have a great day.


12/31/22 We are sadly CLOSED until further notice. Need cold and snow to ski. Happy New Year's Eve please be safe and have a great day.


12/30/22 Hmmm...Current temp 35 at 5:30 am, high today of 46 degrees. Cloudy but dry, the chance for a sprinkle of rain increases late this afternoon and evening but tomorrow may be a complete rain-out so today might be the last day we will keep trails open until weather conditions improve (or we can figure how how to truck in some of the copious stuff they got just north of us). Thomas cannot groom with temps above freezing but trails still enjoy 100% coverage. Spring-like conditions--feels like March in December. If you like skiing in soft conditions, today is your pick day (yesterday was great--it's still skiing but this weather is ridiculous at this time of year.) Shop will be open for sales today, can't promise anything tomorrow. Stay tuned...Have a great day.


12/29/22 Current temp 20 degrees, high today 44 degrees.  Partly sunny, by 10am it will be 32 degrees and remain above freezing for, ugh, the next few days (Sunday night is next time temps will dip below freezing--Happy New Year?!?!) Hey look on the bright side--at least it won't be raining (yet). We will be OPEN today and conditons will be spring-like. Thomas is grooming early morning then we will have to play the waiting game with Mother Nature until temps are low enough to groom trails again. We are fortunate to have a deep base--we will weather this non-storm, but you may want to dress in shorts and a t-shirt for your day on the snow! Have a great day.

P.S. One of our vistors from Rochester lost a set of 3 house (?) keys with a YMCA tag of Greater Rochester Area and mini swiss army knife on the ring in our parking lot--please call me to claim it (315) 558-4557 


12/28/22 Current temp 22 degrees at 5:30 am, high today 34, low tonight 26 degrees. Another mostly cloudy day made bright with white landscape and great ski conditions. The trails are in great condition--not too soft and not too firm, just right Goldilocks, according to reviews from classic and skate skiers alike. Light snow showers will give us another dusting of fresh powder onto the thick base. our fingers are crossed we will weather the coming warm up until temps trend cool again. In Osceola temps will bump a few degrees above freezing for just a few hours today. Have a great day.


12/27/22 (Tuesday) Reminder we are OPEN EVERY DAY this week for the holiday break. Current temp 19 degrees at 5:30, high today 25 degrees, a near repeat of yesterday with chance of light snow showers throughout the day offering little more than a dusting of new powder. Again trails will be firm, fast and fabulous for both classic and skate skiing. Have a great day.


12/26/22 Happy Monday (especially if you have the week off from work--kind of--like me) Current temp 15 degrees at 5:30 am, high today of 21 degrees mostly cloudy with light snow showers--just below the intense persistent band of lake effect forecast to pummel areas to the north of us. Won't add up to much new snow but we have a hefty base of 16 inches compacted snow (with a total of 110 inches this season). Surface is loose granular and powder so conditions will be fast and amazing. Trails groomed for skate and classic techniques. Hope to see you in Osceola, have a great day.


12/25/22 Merry Christmas! Current temp 12 degrees at 6:45 am our high today will be 19 degrees, mostly cloudy with a slight chance of snow it is peace on earth in Osceola. Most trails are open and packed firm with a few inches of powder at the surface. Today we will tackle the steepest hills we have avoided after too many times burying rquipment in the deep snow. Good times. Great workout. Who needs a gym membership? Man vs. nature always preferred to man vs. man and man vs. himself (although there was a little of that too this past week truth be told.) Have a great day. 


12/24/22 Merry Christmas Eve our current temp is 3 degrees at 5:30 am and our high today will be 12 degrees, cloudy with blowing snow we will be open and probably grooming the entire day today to get the trails in top shape for the holiday week. Have a great day!


12/23/22 Current temp 41 and 5:30 am, high today of 43...low 4 degrees. Can you say whiplash? ...but really it's not all bad news as I see it...though it rained through the night and it's raining now, as the temperature plummets precip. will  turn to snow at approximately 1pm today and 4-6 inches of new snow is expected to cover the crust this rain is producing. Snow depth as measured at our Mesonet weather station has compressed down to 18 inches (from 37 just three days ago--watching the webcam the snow that was up to the TOP of the chainlink fence is now only half way up)...Not gonna lie--this brings a sigh of relief after struggling mightily to tame too much of a good thing to make trails skiable. A few inches of new snow on top of the "ice road" of packed snow developed over the last several days is all we need to make a great surface for skate and classic skiing. Please stay tuned for holiday hours of operation as we work to manage this latest storm. Light snow showers forecast throughout this weekend (off and on) so we still hope to be open tomorrow for Christmas Eve and also on Christmas Day. Have a great day and please drive safe. Flash freeze, high winds and other unpleasant weather still upon us today. (PS, we are closed today!)


12/22/22 Current temp 19 degrees at 5:30 am, high today of 36, low 30 degrees and mostly cloudy with light snow showers in the afternoon--leading up to the STORM OF A GENERATION that is predicted to begin tomorrow. Too much of a good thing? Perhaps. We are closed today and still working on packing and grooming trails. Working with this amount of snow is hard work and rough on equipment. Thomas will be retrieving the snowmobile and roller he abandoned yesterday on one of the hills (and next time he promises to heed my recommendation to pack a pair of snow shoes in case he needs to walk out). Most trails are rolled, minus steeper hills like Lightning, Screamer, Kamikazee, and Osceola U. Thank you for your patience folks. It's been like climbing a mountain to tame this snowfall. As it settles and condenses it firms up and gets easier to surf and pack. Grooming is a multistep process and we are doing the best we can but Mother Nature is truly in charge. We are watching the winter storm warnings for tomorrow and will keep you posted--high winds mean warnings of windspread power outages so I hope to keep internet service in order to post...Have a great day.


12/21/22 Happy Winter Solstice to all! Current temp 12, high today of 30 degrees and cloudy..feast or famine comes to mind...Thomas had a tough day of moving snow and down trees and getting equipment stuck yesterday and will continue to work on trails today. I have new appreciation for the folks around Buffalo that had to deal with double this amout of snow in one fell swoop earlier this month, yeesh...Still, better than tornado or flooding. Have a great day.  


12/20/22 UPDATE 7pm: Current temp 23 degrees and lightly snowing. Today was another full day of digging out. We will be closed tomorrow (Wednesday) as we continue to manage all this beautiful snow before changeable weather this weekend. We will be open everyday next week for the holiday break, including Christmas eve and Christmas day. Have a great evening.


APOLOGIES FOR THE LATE POST--my internet is down at home (!) 

...and what a  day to be late with great news...Osceola got 37 inches of new snow yesterday. Honestly, it's days like yesterday that make me marvel at how Hugh managed the ski center singlehandedly all those years--it was an all day job for both of us to keep the main parking lot clear. Current temp 24 degrees at 10 am, high today 26, low 16 and cloudy. Sadly (and yet fortunately, lol) we are closed on Tuesdays and today Thomas will be surfing the 3+ feet of snow to pack and groom trails for tomorrow. Conditions should be fantastic...please check tomorrow's post (and maybe later tonight after I have caught up with the head groomer for a report out) to confirm trail conditions. Have a great day!


12/19/22 Current temp 27 degrees at 5:30 am, high today of 31/low 16 degrees. What a difference a day makes! Twenty inches of snow on the ground now and it will continue to snow heavy throughout the day, tapering in the afternoon to light snow showers. Thomas will spend the day managing this mana from heaven beginning with the roller to pack down trails. He has his hands full today I think. Drive safe and have a great day.


12/18/22 Current temp 25 at 6:30am high today of 30  degrees low 24 light snow today turns heavy tonight thru Monday afternoon with accumulation of 12 inches or more, just what we like ? and needed to achieve full coverage on all trails. Six in depth overall and today trails will be firm but beware patches of thin snow under thicker tree cover. Have a great day 


12/17/22 Current temp 31 degrees at 5:30 am, high today will hover around freezing, low 21...such a tease...today is sadly a bit of a bust and now tomorrow is looking like the better day of the weekend to groom. Thomas will try rolling in an hour as the temp is expected to take a little dip (I saw it drop one degree in the time it's taken to write this paragraph) but not feeling uber-confident with thermometer hovering near freezing all day beginning to dip around dinnertime...better possibly to wait until tomorrow after temperature sits in the 20s for several hours and some of the wet in this snow has had a chance to dissipate. Light snow showers expected throughout the day, this will add up to an inch or so but the big snow is now forecast to come between 7 am Sunday and 7 pm Monday (foot plus). We will be here in the shop today but if you are reading this and it's a bit of a drive to get here, between today and tomorrow I would recommend tomorrow for better ski conditions. Don't shoot the messenger and have a great day.


12/16/22 Current temp 34 at 6 am, high today of 35, low 28. Sluggo, 6 inches of heavy snow on the ground now with more coming. Not much we can do about this wet stuff but pleased to see the forecast now promises below freezing temps tomorrow and snow expected for the next several days to add up in FEET on the Tug Hill. Many factors at play--temp, wind direction, etc, so stay tuned...and have a great day.


12/15/22 Current temp 22 degrees at 6 am, high today 33/low 31...still keeping a watchful eye on the approaching winter storm...snow total forecast increasing to 10-14 inches with temps hovering around freezing, heaviest snowfall coming tonight through Friday afternoon, by Saturday it looks to be tapering to lighter rates of snowfall through the day, so roads should be well cleared and managable for a sweet FIRST DAY to OFFICIALLY OPEN trails! ...Intrepid folks are welcome to come on Friday but Thomas will be watching the thermometer for best opportunity to groom. Don't want to mess with the stuff when things are too warm...have a great day hope to see you in Osceola soon!


12/13/22 Brrr! Current temp -1 at 6am, high today 28, low 14. Sunny but cold, just the way we like it! Snow depth only 2 inches so we are keeping an eye on the timely storm expected to blow in just before the weekend...will keep you posted, in the meantime, have a great day.


12/12/22 Current temp 26 degrees at 6:30 am, the high today will be 30, low 8 degrees. Snow depth settled to 3 inches, ground temp 33.3 degrees at 2 inches. Sounds like more snow is coming just in time for the weekend. Hopefully the temp stays cool so we land some fluffy stuff. It's beginning to look like winter here in Osceola. Have a great day. 


12/11/23 Current temp 28 degrees at 8:30 am, high today will be 30, low 24 degrees. Hooray--it's snowing this morning--light dusting so far but forecast to add up to 2-6 inches (hope it's 6!) by evening. The week ahead is cold with lows in the teens and snow showers forecast Thurs-Sat so next weekend maybe a go, fingers crossed, with enough snow for skiing...so have a great day.


12/10/22 Current temp 23 degrees at 9am high today will be 35, low 23 degrees. Expecting snow tomorrow and glad for the cooling trend because we want the ground to freeze for snowfall to stick around.  Right now soil temp is 33.6 degrees at 2 inches. After todays high, the extended forecast keeps daytime highs below freezing so we are close to the sweet spot. Hope we get lots of snow tomorrow, but have a great day today.


12/8/22 Current temp 38 at 6:30 am and another wet day, high today 38 low 22 degrees sound like we may get a few slushy inches this Sunday? Not exactly exciting but the trend is chilling...


12/7/22 Not gonna lie--this warm trend makes it difficult to muster the enthusiasm to post a report. Current temp 42 (!) degrees at 6am high today 48 degrees with rain and fog, snow depth zero inches. Soooooo glad global warming is a hoax. Sounds like things will chill out a bit this weekend, sigh. Anyway, have a great day.


12/4/22 current temp 29 at 8 am, high today of 32, low 22 degrees today. Snow last night settled into 1 inch deep--sadly not enough to get your glide on. Patience is a virtue. Pray for more snow! 


12/3/22  Current temp 35 degrees at 7am climbing to a high of yikes 47 today. Don't let the white on the webcams fool--you'll need ice skates not skis if you come to Osceola today. Rain all day turning to snow around 9pm, we do not expect enough to make it matter. Trails won't be open this weekend. We have several trees down from the high winds to contend with and only half finished clearing. Have a great weekend.


12/2/22 Current temp 25 degrees at 6:30am high of 38 today. Snow that fell has settled to 4 inches deep. Thomas will be checking trail system for downed trees and branches after yesterday's high winds and hopes to pack trails today. Unfortunately temps are forecast to be above freezing this evening through Saturday 8pm with a high tomorrow of 46 degrees and rainy which brings us back to spring slush conditions. Sigh.


12/1/22 Current temp 27 degrees at 6am, our high will be 33/low 22 with new snow on tap--Welcome to December! A few inches already on the ground, we expect 6 or more to fall today, and maybe more if the wind blows right. We are still closed but Thomas hopes for enough to pat down on the trails. With daytime highs above freezing for the next several days and rain mixed in with snow this weekend, we have not decided whether we will open the trails or not, so please check back for update...   


11/30/22 high 48/low 25 more rain turning to snow...6-12 inches depending on which way the wind blows. soil temp 38.3 so it's anyone's guess at this point if we will be grooming and open this weekend, stay tuned...


11/29/22 high 38/low 30 mostly cloudy slight chance of rain


11/28/22 Almost not worth reporting, lol...raining with high of 45.


11/27/22 Current temp 29 degrees at 7:30 am. High today 45/low 33 rain begins around 1pm and with any luck switches over to snow by early evening, however daytime highs to remain above freezing all week. Easy come, easy go, pray for snow.


11/26/22 Welp, it's gonna be a scortcher today. Current temp 36 at 8 am with a high of 46/low of 30 degrees. Morning clouds will give way to sun midday then clouds return ahead of Sunday's rain out. Sigh. Hope the cold weather returns soon.


11/25/22 Happy Black Friday!?! Current temp 37 degrees and raining. High of 41 we are expecting rain all day to taper into light snow by evening. Sounds like perfect forecast to stay home and order merch online...just remember: everything you order online needs to be shipped and adds to pollution and global warming. Save our planet, ski more, burn less fossil fuel and buy more local! (ok, lecture over) 


11/24/22 Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are enjoying the holiday with family and friends. Beautiful sunny day in Osceola current temp 27 degrees at 9:30 am with a high of 47 degrees, low 30...rain/wintery mix expected tomorrow with high of 42 degrees; sunny with high of 44 on Saturday, then rain on Sunday with a high of 46 degrees. We will not be open for skiing this weekend but hope more snow is soon coming...


11/22/22 Current temp 24 degrees at 9 pm--late post due to tired eyeballs...high was 34 degrees today with  low 22 degrees. Soil temp 37.8 at 2 inches and weekday temps high in low 40s doesn't bode well for snow to stick around. Snow depth now 6 inches--less under thickest tree-cover--we don't expect to be opening this weekend. Patience grasshopper.


11/21/22 Current temp 18 degrees at 6am, high today 30 degrees. Patly sunny, we received another foot plus of snow yesterday. Trails will be groomed but we are not open yet. Such a tease, I know...keeping an eye on the temperature and still working on the lodge bathroom (why do DYI projects always take 10x longer than you plan for?) we hope to be open this weekend. 


11/20/22 Brrr! Current temp 20 degrees with wind chill of 14, high today of 25/low 10 degrees--just the way we like it! More lake effect snow to top off the 7 inch base we currently have but the most persistent band will be just below us today. Expecting 6-12 inches but we will see what Mother Nature decides. We are not open today, but there are plenty places to get out and enjoy the good stuff. See you soon,


11/19/2022 Current temp 21 degrees with a high of 30 and low of 18 degrees today. Partly sunny with heavy snow expected Sunday night. Winter has begun in Osceola...sadly, we are not opening this weekend because we are still finishing bathroom renovations in the lodge. Stay tuned, with luck we will open next weekend...hope you get out and enjoy the white stuff regardless!


11/17/22 Yaaaah, it's snowing!! Our first measurable snow began this week and it's expected to add up over the next few days, making everything sparkle...one foot already accumulated. Sadly, this won't likely stick around with temps fluctuating and the ground not yet frozen...but we hope to open very soon!


11/2/22 Summer lingers temperature-wise...only the downed leaves signal winter is around the corner. Trails are clear of leaves and branches. Just waiting for snow...


10/5/22 Trail clearing continues: branches and larger trees. Firewood a plenty. Love the smell of fall..Winter is just around the corner and forecast is a big one..


9/25/2022 Grass on trails is beginning to slow growth. Nights are getting cooler and leaves are  turning. It's beginning to feel like autumn and summer is gone now. As Hugh says, "Winter comes early in Osceola." 









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