Disc Golf courses and pro shop are closed in Osceola
Disc Golf courses and pro shop are closed in Osceola
Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski Center
   Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski Center


April 8, 2024

Osceola is in the PATH OF TOTALITY for a total eclipse of the sun! We are planning a watch party complete with eclipse glasses, food truck, bonfire, live music, and bathroom facilities. (Stay tuned for details) Our ski lodge still has overnight lodging available (but book soon) and we are discussing an option for folks to tent camp, so if you are traveling from afar, please get in touch (315-558-4557 Kristin) to discuss details. 


Eclipse glasses are important because they reduce the sun's power by more than 100,000x to protect your eyes from damage. Other viewing options include, pinhole camera, colander, and mirror, but glasses will give you the best viewing experience. 




Tug the (World Famous?) Goat may crop up now and then at our center (when his busy social calendar allows) for your viewing pleasure and adoration. Phil's International Ruminent of Mystery dazzles all with his fabulous coat and enigmatic horizontal eyes. Come summer he's on payroll to keep the field and trails cropped low, lol. 



We are excited to unveil our new logo in a brand new roadside sign! Thanksgiving Break we made time to remove our old sign, which took a real beating--especially on the side that receives persistent bands of lake effect snow, and replaced it with a professionally crafted sign. Thank you Nancy Abbott at Sign Solutions, Pompey, NY 



And a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Naturally Lewis: Lewis County Economic Development for their generous Small Things, Big Impact grant that helped fund this improvement project.


For more information about their mission to build communities where people work, live, and play in Lewis county visit:  naturallylewis.com



We are planning a pre-season SKI SALE with great discounts on select skis, boots and poles as well as snowshoes, hats and gloves. Stop in our ski shop Saturdays 11-2pm in December, or by appointment (Kristin 315-558-4557)




NEW SERVICE THIS YEAR: HOT WAX TREATMENT  With temps hovering just above or below freezing lately, it's more important than ever to have a fresh coat of wax on your skis to keep from sticking. Even "waxless skis" need conditioning...like your face needs daily moisturizing, especially in the winter. We sell universal glide wax for daily application, and if this is still working for you then all is good. But if you didn't treated your skis to a hot wax at the end of the season...or in several seasons...or since you first got your skis 20 years ago...you may want to treat yourself this season. Don't you remember the optimal gliding condition of new skis with the factory coat of wax still on them? You can have that again. Treat yourself this holiday weekend. In most cases, we will need them overnight, so plan this into your schedule. Drop your sticks at the ski center no later than 5pm for a hot wax, and you can pick them up first thing (10 am) next day. It takes time for the wax to cool slowly and that's the ticket, so patience, grasshopper. Give your skis the spa treatment they (and you) deserve!  $25 a pair



This year we are excited to announce Kandi's Food Truck will be a weekend and special event installation at our ski center offering on-site yummy hot food at great prices.




We are also planning a trailside tasting event with a local brewery--stay tuned for more details...


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