Disc Golf courses and pro shop are closed in Osceola
Disc Golf courses and pro shop are closed in Osceola
Osceola Tug Hill XC Ski Center
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Trail and Snow Conditions

lake ef*fect snow   (noun)

"snow falling on the lee side of a lake generated by cold dry air passing over warmer water, especially in the Great Lakes region. "                                      --definition from Oxford Languages


Osceola and the Tug Hill Plateau means changeable weather! Luckily there are many ways to check on conditions before you jump in the car...


We report ski/snow conditions daily on this webpage--simply scroll down....


Also report daily to www.snocountry.com


View trailside webcam (Osceola #1, updates every 10 min) provided courtesy of  www.northernchateau.com


SUNY Albany maintains a weather station on site as part of a network statewide to collect longitudinal weather data. www.nysmesonet.org 


Call us at 315-599-7377 for most up to date forecast.


Go to almost any weather website and enter zip code 13316 for forecast and radar.




1/21/22 TGI Friday. -18 degrees at 5:30am high of 9 degrees, low tonight of -5 degrees. Wind chill advisory in effect but not a windy day so choose your layers wisely and protect your extremities. Trails are in great condition with a hefty base of 18" packed powder and an inch plus top layer of new snow that fell yestderday. Groomed for classic and skate skiing  it will be a great day of skiing with cold but sunny day forecast. Weekend warming trend, mostly sunny with light snow showers forecast for Sunday. Have a great day.


1/20/22 Current temp 18 degrees at 5:30 am, with temperatures continuing to drop throughout the day and another wind chill warning but mostly sunny day Perfect conditions for grooming.  Thomas will be renovating the surface on all trails and resetting tracks later this afternoon after a few chores/errands, to prepare for a beautiful weekend of skiing. Reminder we are closed on Thursdays unless otherwise noted here.

1/19/22 Early bird will get the best snow today. Current temp 20 degrees at 5:30 am, but temp is forecast to warm above freezing by 1pm with a high today of 34 degrees/low tonight of 7 degrees so skiing will get slower as the day progresses. Generous base of 19 inches with light and intermittent snow showers throughout the day possibly adding a  few more inches. Thomas groomed late yesterday because it was uncertain whether conditions would be too warm to touch the trails today, but he will be out again this morning to fine tune any drifting snow after yesterdays windy conditions and several new inches of snow. Hope you can fit in a ski and have a great day. 

1/18/22 Reminder we are closed on Tuesdays. (Still not sure how Hugh managed 7 days a week, he's a rock star) Thomas will be working on equipment and a few things at the lodge today (and prepping the trails to perfection for tomorrow.) Current temp 17 degrees. High of 12/low of 1 degree forecast today with light snow showers this morning. Snow depth is currently 20 inches so we got about a foot of new snow with the MLK storm. Sounds like we'll get more snow tomorrow.  Have a great day.

1/17/22 Happy Martin Luther King Day. Don't let the newscasters scare you. Yes there is a winter storm warning until 5pm this evening, but it is not a "clobbering" event, despite being a "nor-easter" with some localized lake effect thrown in for good measure. Today's high will be 32 degrees (between 10am and noon) so Thomas will groom early and late in the day when temperatures drop back down to a few degrees below freezing. Conditions will be softer than the last two days of subzero temperatures and reconditioned granular snow and ice. Snow began falling around 10pm last night and snow depth at SUNY Albany's Mesonet weather station on site is 17 inches (up from 11 inch compressed base yesterday). Intermittent and often light snowfall all day and evening with rate of snowfall to be heaviest between 4 and 7pm with strong winds causing blowing snow and gusts as high as 30mph. Ironically a great day for skiing--windy but the wind is warm, new snow but not accumulating fast--this is a day+ weather event so the treated roads should be passable especially  if you have good tires I think you can venture out without fear of getting stuck (extra flashlight food and water wouldn't hurt either in case of emergency). Yesterday we had to call AAA to get into someone's car after key fob battery died, and when we stepped into our vehicle later that evening I got a "low battery" message too. Coincidence? Symptom of arctic air we had the last few days? IDK, but be prepared and be safe because technology is great until it doesn't work. Hope you have a great MLK holiday and take a moment to remember the spirit and vision of a great man. A few more quotes to part with, 

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.

1/16/22 It's gonna be a choice day for skiing. Sunny and warm (compared to yesterday, which was still a great day of skiing) high of 19/low 10 degrees.  Trails are fast with granular/packed snow and track set. Winter storm expected to begin dropping snow around 10pm and continues through 1am Tuesday. Thomas will groom as needed throughout holiday Monday. Want to leave you with another great quote for this holiday weekend, hope you have a great day and it includes skiing. “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”

― Martin Luther King Jr.

1/15/22 Brrr!!! Current temp -11 degrees at 5:30am with high today of zero and low of -16 degrees and severe wind chill warning until 1pm. Great weather for a penguin, but  frostbite can occur in 15 minutes or less with apparent temperatures of 25 below zero or colder, so if you are a human please take care if you are not scared off by these frigid conditions. Clear and sunny but you may want to delay your outing until later in the day because 10 am forecast is -10 degrees/wind chill -26 degrees, 1pm forecast is -1 degree/wind chill -14 degrees, 2pm forecast zero degrees/wind chill -13 degrees...Thomas will be grooming from inside the warm Kubota side x side if he can get it started this morning (!) Our recent 30+ inches of snow has compacted now to a snow depth of 11 inches. Granular ice and snow will present fast conditions. Thomas will renovate this surface into a zen garden of white corduroy for classic and skate skiers alike to enjoy. Conditions will improve tomorrow: Sunday sunny and a crisp but relatively comfortable high of 19 degrees and holiday Monday high of 30 degrees with winter storm warning of up to a foot of new snow between 11pm Sunday and 11pm Monday. Parting quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. “If you can’t fly, run; if you can’t run, walk; if you can’t walk, crawl; but by all means keep moving.”

1/14/22 TGIF! Should be a great day for skiing. Current temp 26 degrees with high of 16 degrees and slight chance for trace to 1 inch new snow--perfect conditions for grooming. Most trails will have set tracks today. Temperatures will be dropping throughout the weekend, low tonight -6 degrees at midnight and -14 at 5am Saturday morning. Mostly clear skies and sunshine through Sunday with a storm warning in effect beginning Sunday night into Monday with up to a foot of new snow possible. Wind chill warnings also in effect all weekend so dress in layers. Good thing cross country skiing generates so much heat! Have a great day.  

1/13/22 Mother Nature sure is fickle and I hate to say it but the next few days will be a bit challenging. Current temp 30 degrees with high today of 34 and low of 11 degrees. The snow showers they forecast last night turned into freezing drizzle so there's a dangerous coating of ice on everything now. Tom will do his best to renovate this crust with his knives, but with the warm  temperature, this is a dicy project. The last thing we want to do is press all the air out of the snow crystals and create a thicker layer of ice that will need to be covered with new snow. Only a slight chance of snow showers forecast for today and tomorrow and little accumulation. Although we said we would be open today, I think it is responsible to warn people not to come. Tom will be checking things out this morning and keep me posted so I can in turn keep you posted on his progress. It is extremely possible that he will need to wait out the warmth today and postpone grooming until tomorrow, Friday, when temps begin to plunge...and that's the second half of this roller-coaster Mother Nature has us on: Wind chills this weekend could be as low as -30 degrees with high on Friday of 12 degrees and high on Saturday of zero degrees. Don't shoot the messenger. Have a great day anyway, 

1/12/22 Current temp 11 degrees at 5:30 am, high today of 29, low of 24 degrees and mostly cloudy. Light snow showers expected this evening but nothing serious after the big event. Snow depth at the weather station currently reads 16" deep and when I checked in with Hugh he reminded me that snow fall is measured in regular intervals as it falls to mitigate for the natural settling and compaction of flakes, which we didn't do (amateurs). This can lead to variation in readings if folks measure more often that others and years ago a recordholder was stripped for just such a thing--scandal in the snow recording community yikes! We are open today and trails are packed and groomed. Thomas will groom with Ginzu today and classic conditions will be optimal, skating will be soft, and snow shoing off trail will be a hardy workout. Hope you can strap on skis and have a nice day,

1/11/22 Yep, we got blasted with snow yesterday, any way you size it. Literally: knee deep. Hugh taught me to troll NYSmesonet's multiple data sets (shout out to SUNY Albany) and like many of our members I check it multiple times a day. Yesterday's snow depth at 4pm read 25 inches...then 24, then 23 and this morning it's 21". Of course fluffy lake effect flakes eventually compact so this makes sense. And though the weather station is surrounded by fencing, there is still the confounding factor of wind and drifting snow. Suffice it to say we got A LOT!!On the trails when Thomas got got off the snowmobile to move a branch it was thigh-deep. Plowed the parking lot 3 times yesterday and will need to do a bit more clean up today. Yes, it will take more than a few hours to tame this beautiful shrew. But the real weather factor today is WIND CHILL. It is currently minus 11 degrees and today's high is expected to be a balmy 5 degrees, and partly sunny (that's partly cloudy to some folks)...and while we have been reconsidering our closed status on Tuesdays and Thursdays due to the late start of ski season, we will most definately be CLOSED today. In part because we want folks to stay safe and though xc skiing and snowshoeing is a great way to beat winter's cold, frostbite can zap exposed skin in as little as 15 minutes, so take care of yourselves today. I have a day off from school due to wind chill and we will be working on the trails dressed head to toe. Stay tuned for Thursday's open/closed status...we will likely be open and there is a slight chance for more of the white stuff (!) But with all this beautiful snow I hope we see you soon! As always, have a great day.

1/10/22 At long last we are enjoying a big lake effect snowstorm! Already approx 6 new inches of snow on the ground and it is expected to continue all day and evening. 16 degrees at 5:30am with high temp of 16 and low of -11 degrees. Thomas will be rolling throughout the day to stay on top of the accumulation. Wind chill warning tomorrow from 1am to 1pm dangerously cold conditions could cause frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 15 minutes, so please enjoy the winter weather with care. Please be careful on the roads today and have a great day.

1/9/22 Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Good news: big snow is coming! Bad news: it's gonna hit tomorrow and today is a changeable day of mixed precipitation. Current temp 24 degrees at 5am, high today of 35 degrees, low of 13. We will be open, but with snow, freezing rain, and just plain old rain likely, it will be difficult to groom the thin base we currently have and some areas have been skied off so it will definitely be a rock skis kinda day. Tomorrow a big storm is forecast (beginning tonight) with a foot or more coming our way. Patience grasshopper. Have a great day.

1/8/22 WOO-HOO!! FINALLY!! We've got snow to play with!! Current temp a balmy -5 degrees at 5am with a high today of 23 and low of 16, but a sunny day so it should feel warmer than that. Five inches new snow packed and groomed on top of the thin ice shield that remained after our last melt down. 100% corduroy, no set track. Osceola U trail is closed only because this trail has a perpetually rocky base due to natural springs and not enough snow yet to cushion should you stop short on a rock and take a tumble. Otherwise, the trails look great and are here to enjoy. Hope to see you today in Osceola.

1/7/22 current temp 20 degrees with high of 23/low 8 degrees and light snow through most of the day expected to add another inch or so today. Trails are skiable with 3 inch base, but with thin spots under tree cover, rock skis are the recommendation. Cold and sunny Saturday with more snow showers Sunday. Have a great day.

1/6/22 Current temp 25 degrees at 5:30 am, wind chill 16 degrees. High of 32 and low of 21. Light snow falling most of the day and into the evening. Hoping it will add up to several new inches because Thomas was checking the trails yesterday and was happy to report that the ice shelf base on the trails is still intact from previous packing efforts so a few inches is all that's needed to make things skiable. Wish we were getting clobbered with feet not inches, but it's Watertown's turn this time. Have a great day.

1/5/22 Current temp 26 (wind chill 22) degrees with high of 28 and low of 23 degrees. Still forecasting snow showers beginning around 10 pm tonight with another system to follow Thursday evening on the Tug Hill Plateau. Of course with lake effect, how much we receive in Osceola depends on which way the wind blows so really hoping we get more rather than less. It's time to ski already! 

1/4/22 Opps--never pays to rush and I forgot to save my post this morning, so it is now Noon and current temp is 24 degrees/wind chill 20 with a high of 28 degrees forecast. No new snow but it sounds like we may get lucky on Thursday and Friday. Please stay tuned... 

1/3/22 current temp 1 degree at 5:45am, high temperature today 17 degrees with low 10 degrees tonight. Just one inch of new snow fell, but it sounds like Thursday we are forecast to get more and thankfully temps remain below freezing except for a brief high of 37 on Wednesday prior to the new snow system due to arrive Thursday. Fingers crossed. Have a great day.

1/2/22 current temp 27 degrees and light snow forecast to fall throughout the day and into tomorrow. Good news since we lost our base. Patience is a virtue they say, so let's practice for the the next few days and hopefully we will be rewarded soon. Hope you have a great day.

January 1st, 2022 Happy New Year (if you're a duck). 40 degrees at 7am, high today of 44. Light rain forecast today, but snow reportedly on the horizon. It will take several inches to build back a skiable base, so we will keep you posted. In the meantime, have a great day.

12/31/21 "Okay campers rise and shine and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cold out there..." Current temp 33 degrees and today's movie pick is "Groundhog Day" a delightful spoof on deja vu starring Bill Murray. Good way to spend the day because you're not going skiing. Not in Osceola at least. Please stay safe and don't drink and drive and here's to a Happy (snowy) New Year.  Have a great day.

12/30/21 current temp 33 degrees at 6am, high today of 33, low 31...sound familar? Forecast includes dusting to an inch of snow this evening (fingers crossed) but tomorrow's high is 41 degress so it's one step forward, two steps back. Have a great day. 

12/29/21 current temp 30 degrees at 6:15am, high today of 35. We received a light dusting of snow last night. Just enough to tease, not enough to ski on. No significant change in the next several day's forecast except for slight warming trend in temperature. Yuck. But have a nice day.

12/28/21 current temp 33 degrees at 5:30 am. with temps forecast to hover above freezing throughout the day, the little precipitation that falls today will be icy. sigh. Good thing we still have indoor projects to keep busy with because there will be no snow grooming today. Have a great day anyway.

12/27/21 Ugh it pains me there isn't any good news to report. Trails closed, not enough snow. Light snow showers possible today but we need more than that at this point. At least today's temps stay below freezing so we won't lose the little we've got. Have a great day (rollerskiing anyone? haha) 

12/26/21 Current temp 28 degrees with high of 34 today. Sadly, we are down to just 2 inches snow depth after yesterday's rain. No new snow fell overnight to cover the icy crust that remains and unfortunately that leaves not enough to renovate with the Ginzu. I was tempted to say trails are closed, but we will probably go for a ski once it softens up a bit to see what we are down to. Trails are still open but bring your rock skis. With no new snow forecast in the next several days I am not sure when we will groom again, but we're certainly hoping some of the stuff that clobbered California is headed our way soon. Have a great day anyway. 

12/25/21 Merrry Christmas to those who celebrate it. Unforetunately we will be closed today due to conditions. Santa brought us coal rain which is naughty of him and our high today of 37 isn't nice either. Current temp 33 degrees at 6am with rain showers turning to light snow in the early morning hours of Sunday with dry and below freezing temps forecast for next several days, so lets all plan to be nice nice so we can ski ski again soon.  Thank you to all who skied with us yesterday--I have to admit it was pretty great to get out on skis for the first time myself this year, anda big thanks to our members (Ed, Jack) who gave me valuable feedback on the organization of this blog so you won't have to scroll down so much anymore! 

12/24/21 Current temp 20 degrees with wind chill feels like 13 at 6am with a high today of 34. Light snow last night and this morning added a fresh coating to a thin but skiable base. Season pass holder Ed stopped by yesterday for a spin and declared trails skiable. A few light spots under thick tree cover so best to bring your rock skis if you are planning a visit today. Tom took the Ginzu out for an inaugural pass  since it's specifically designed to groom low-snow conditions and reports that grassy trails and fields are well covered, but some rocks still asserting their presence on Malloy Brook Trail (fishing access road). Sad to report we expect wintery mix then rain tomorrow, so if you celebrate Christmas, best stay home tomorrow and enjoy your family and a good movie--and we hope to see you today.

12/23/21 The snow dance must have worked. current temp 8 degrees, high today 31, low 13, with new snow on a packed ice/granular snow base. We are planning a soft opening today, packing and grooming the 3 inches of new snow we got yesterday and assessing for bare spots. More light snow in the forecast so please stay tuned. If conditions are decent we will be open X-mas eve and or day. Have a great day, as Hugh would say.

12/21/21 Winter solstice --winter officially begins today, woohoo, bring it on. Light snow showers today with high of 31 low 24 derees. Another light snow shower expected Wednesday. With the soil temperature steadily decreasing and below freezing temps for the extended forecast, this should stick around. Not enough yet to groom, but we will keep you posted. Feel free to join us in a Happy First Day of Winter snow dance 

12/20/21current temp 7 degrees, high today 31 mostly sunny. light snow showers forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Stay tuned...

12/19/21 apologizies for the 10 day time out, but not enough snow to report on trail conditions...and not to tease further, but the 3-6 inches forecast for snow yesterday did not pan out since some of the precip came in the form of wintery mix. 1 inch snow and ice crust on the ground makes for a good initial base, but not enough to ski on yet. Current temp 19 degrees (9am) and more cold and snow in the forecast so keep your fingers crossed and check back soon!

12/9/21 noon temp 34 degrees, high of 37 today, low 34. Saturday high 56 degrees with rain showers. Hope the packed snow on the trails can withstand this warm up. 

12/8/21 Not gonna lie, the forecast is way too warm for my liking. It's been a rollercoaster ride of hot and cold. We packed trails last weekend only to see it all melt. It's currently snowing and 28 degrees in Osceola, but Saturday's forecast is for a high of 52. Patience is a virtue and I am really working on developing more of it, but my birthday wish is for MORE SNOW!

12/5/21 today's high temp 34 low 33 turning windy with warm front coming through bringing warmer temps and (sigh) rain tomorrow. Not all bad news though, trails have icy packed base of 3 inches so the rain will create a nice bottom shell which will prolong the season when more snow comes (and comes and comes...) Please stay tuned, 

11/28/21 Took a break from the computer while hosting out of town guests. Some light new snowfall yesterday and today--enough to pretty things up, but not enough to ski on yet. Soon, soon...

11/24/21 Happy Thanksgiving Eve. We are grateful for so much. 26 degrees, 2" snow. ground not frozen yet, but it is getting soon!!!



Grooming Equipment:

We are now grooming with Kubota UTV, two Skandic snowmobiles and Arctic Bear Cat, Yellowstone Track System's 84" Ginzu groomer, and 8 foot roller. One of the main advantages we have in Osceola Is a wealth of fresh soft snow.  The way we groom allows us the abilty to renovate or pack any amount of snow.  This lets our skiing stay firm to the ski for skate skiing.  Set track for classic and no rug burns for those inadvertant sudden stops (falls).  



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