Disc Golf courses and pro shop are closed in Osceola
Disc Golf courses and pro shop are closed in Osceola
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Trail and Snow Conditions

lake ef*fect snow  (noun)

"snow falling on the lee side of a lake generated by cold dry air passing over warmer water, especially in the Great Lakes region. "                                                                                                                                                     --definition from Oxford Languages

Osceola and the Tug Hill Plateau...mean changeable weather...happily there are many ways to check on conditions before you jump in the car


We report ski/snow conditions daily on this webpage--scroll down or:


WINTER 2022-23


11/27/22 Current temp 29 degrees at 7:30 am. High today 45/low 33 rain begins around 1pm and with any luck switches over to snow by early evening, however daytime highs to remain above freezing all week. Easy come, easy go, pray for snow.


11/26/22 Welp, it's gonna be a scortcher today. Current temp 36 at 8 am with a high of 46/low of 30 degrees. Morning clouds will give way to sun midday then clouds return ahead of Sunday's rain out. Sigh. Hope the cold weather returns soon.


11/25/22 Happy Black Friday!?! Current temp 37 degrees and raining. High of 41 we are expecting rain all day to taper into light snow by evening. Sounds like perfect forecast to stay home and order merch online...just remember: everything you order online needs to be shipped and adds to pollution and global warming. Save our planet, ski more, burn less fossil fuel and buy more local! (ok, lecture over) 


11/24/22 Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are enjoying the holiday with family and friends. Beautiful sunny day in Osceola current temp 27 degrees at 9:30 am with a high of 47 degrees, low 30...rain/wintery mix expected tomorrow with high of 42 degrees; sunny with high of 44 on Saturday, then rain on Sunday with a high of 46 degrees. We will not be open for skiing this weekend but hope more snow is soon coming...


11/22/22 Current temp 24 degrees at 9 pm--late post due to tired eyeballs...high was 34 degrees today with  low 22 degrees. Soil temp 37.8 at 2 inches and weekday temps high in low 40s doesn't bode well for snow to stick around. Snow depth now 6 inches--less under thickest tree-cover--we don't expect to be opening this weekend. Patience grasshopper.


11/21/22 Current temp 18 degrees at 6am, high today 30 degrees. Patly sunny, we received another foot plus of snow yesterday. Trails will be groomed but we are not open yet. Such a tease, I know...keeping an eye on the temperature and still working on the lodge bathroom (why do DYI projects always take 10x longer than you plan for?) we hope to be open this weekend. 


11/20/22 Brrr! Current temp 20 degrees with wind chill of 14, high today of 25/low 10 degrees--just the way we like it! More lake effect snow to top off the 7 inch base we currently have but the most persistent band will be just below us today. Expecting 6-12 inches but we will see what Mother Nature decides. We are not open today, but there are plenty places to get out and enjoy the good stuff. See you soon,


11/19/2022 Current temp 21 degrees with a high of 30 and low of 18 degrees today. Partly sunny with heavy snow expected Sunday night. Winter has begun in Osceola...sadly, we are not opening this weekend because we are still finishing bathroom renovations in the lodge. Stay tuned, with luck we will open next weekend...hope you get out and enjoy the white stuff regardless!


11/17/22 Yaaaah, it's snowing!! Our first measurable snow began this week and it's expected to add up over the next few days, making everything sparkle...one foot already accumulated. Sadly, this won't likely stick around with temps fluctuating and the ground not yet frozen...but we hope to open very soon!


11/2/22 Summer lingers temperature-wise...only the downed leaves signal winter is around the corner. Trails are clear of leaves and branches. Just waiting for snow...


10/5/22 Trail clearing continues: branches and larger trees. Firewood a plenty. Love the smell of fall..Winter is just around the corner and forecast is a big one..


9/25/2022 Grass on trails is beginning to slow growth. Nights are getting cooler and leaves are  turning. It's beginning to feel like autumn and summer is gone now. As Hugh says, "Winter comes early in Osceola." 









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